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Why Metal Music is so Popular at Casinos

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There is constant research into the effects of music in our lives, although most people are not quite aware of how huge a role it plays.

Music can affect moods, trigger memories and associations, and increase or decrease concentration. Casinos are fully aware of this and use music to influence their customer’s behaviour and mood.

Contrary to popular belief, casinos aren’t rooting for the customer to lose. They don’t need to. Each casino game is designed around a mathematical model that ensures that, in the long run, it will always tale in more than it pays out. Big wins by individual players won’t change this and are actually good advertising.

That’s why the best land-based and leading online casinos concentrate on giving their guests an enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back for more, and that includes the choice of music. And the top of the playlist in casinos is Metal music, and we’ll take a look at why here.

1. Boosts the brain

Playing casino games needs focus and determination. Studies have shown that when people listen to their favourite music while attempting a task, it improves their cognitive functioning and ability to make fast decisions, a necessary skill in some gambling games.

2. Creates a sense of community

Metal music has a huge diehard fanbase which includes both serious aficionados and casual listeners. Popular Metal songs rise beyond the confines of genres and enter the public conscience, so when they are played in a public space like a casino, everybody is instantly connected through the music.

3. Reduces stress

We’ve all heard the claims that listening to “angry” music like Metal can raise aggression and general negative emotion levels. But that’s just an opinion, and scientific studies have proven that the reverse is actually true. Listening to Metal music helps process negative energy and emotions and turn them into positive ones.

This is why metalheads are always the most chill, relaxed dudes around. Listening to this type of music while gambling helps the player maintain their energy and adrenaline levels while decreasing negative energy like stress. This allows them to focus better on their game and avoid making rash decisions. And not only will it help players avoid mistakes in games like blackjack that require some strategy to play, but it can also help keep them clearheaded enough to know when it’s time to call it a night.

5. Attracts customers

People go where the music is; it’s that simple. Who wouldn’t want to combine two great pastimes, gambling and listening to your favourite music? Land-based casinos even organise concerts to lure in customers, and in the online gambling world, there are a massive number of slots themed around music and bands which provide a thumping soundtrack as you spin the reels.

The reasons we listed above are the main ones that make Metal music such a popular choice for casino playlists or online gambling game soundtracks. And it goes without saying, of course, that Metal music is also awesome.

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