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Album Review : Electric Mob : 2 Make U Cry & Dance.

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Review by Pete Finn for MPM

Electric Mob was formed in Curitiba, Brazil by Renan Zonta (vocals), Ben Hur Auwarter (guitar), Yuri Elero (bass), and André Leister (drums). They first “rattled the worlds cage” in 2020 when they released their crunching debut album ‘Discharge’.

It grabbed listeners with their modern take on classic bluesy hard rock executed with heartfelt, soulful sounds. A mixture of powerful vocals, mean guitar riffs and heavy groove with influences from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

This is their second release, and has the potential to shake your senses once again. The album has a playing time just short of 44-minutes, and will unleash 11-tracks into your ears.

The album starts with ‘Sun Is Falling Down’. Zonta is narrating, almost whispering the opening line, then a thunderous strike from Leister and the whole track explodes. Zonta’s voice is impressive, very impressive a genuine classic rock sound. The stop/start tempo and heavy beats make you feel you’re below a meteor shower. Electric Mob you have my attention.

‘Will Shine’ begins with a crashing riff delivered by Auwarter, a scream from Zonta and we’re off, his vocal range is flying high. The rhythm section of Elero and Leister are trampling over all in their path, this is a powerful rocker. Following is ‘It’s Gonna Hurt’, this has a Seattle grunge undertone, Auwarter has his guitar down at the dirty end, and it’s sounding great. Zonta holds the notes at the end of the words with dramatic effect, he switches pace and styles effortlessly. Each band member is providing the potent ingredients to mix a lethal cocktail of sound. It’s well worth the hangover, even knowing it’s gonna hurt…

Pounding beats from Leister and Elero welcome ‘By The Name (nanana)’, Auwarter is quick to join the party with a funk inspired riff. Zonta’s chanted lyric is simple but effective. Auwarter swaps the funk for classic rock, there’s a mid-section that will have the crowd chanting and clapping along when performed live. The gritty ‘Soul Stealer’ is next, some of the sound is real stoner. Zonta is giving us both barrels again, his vocal carried above the track. Auwarter provides plenty of cover fire as he fires out a growling solo.

‘4 letters’ provides something slower, Auwarter is strumming an acoustic. Zonta’s lyrics clear and controlled. The beats provide a solid backbone. Auwarter lets rip with a fine solo, harmonies are placed with precision to join the different tempos. This is a well thought out track. ‘Locked n Loaded’ is heavy, this has a L.A. sleaze vibe, it’s delivered brilliantly straight between the ears. The guitar riffs, vocals and pounding beats are a great reminder from the late 80’s and early 90’s of the clubs on the Sunset Strip.

Yuri Elero is spanking the bass strings as the ‘Saddest Funk Ever’ begins. The energy is high as it evolves into a killer rock/funk jam. Zonta’s vocal is prominent, the band crashing out riffs, beats and a low-down groove below. A mash of Van Halen and Red Hot Chili Peppers, it’s a fabulous combo.

Renan Zonta unleashes a Bruce Dickinson scream that propels us into ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. This is foot to the floor rock, rapid drums, pounding beats and squealing guitars. Zonta’s pace is ferocious, the band keep the break neck speed flowing.

Auwarter’s circular riff and Leisters drum salvo launch ‘Love Cage’. Zonta’s soaring vocal rides the wave of Auwarter’s lead breaks and solo with the waters roughed up even more by the rhythm sections drubbing beats. We arrive at the final track way too quickly, it’s ‘Watch Me (I’m Today’s News)’. Zonta’s lyrics are controlled and even paced, this time the band stomp their way to the front. It’s a hard, heavy and relentless march around the eardrums, Elero’s bass sounds like a battalions battle-cry. A superb way to end the album.

Although this may have been the first time I’ve listened to the fine work of Electric Mob, I’ve really enjoyed it. I guarantee it won’t be my last experience of them. Any fan of rock music needs to plug into the Electric Mob, they have a great sound, and to quote one of the very best, it’s “High Voltage Rock n’ Roll”.

Line-up: Renan Zonta – Vocals Ben Hur Auwarter – Guitar Yuri Elero – Bass André Leister – Drums Produced by: Amadeus de Marchi Mix and Master: Nico Braganholo

Social Media: http://electricmob.com.br/



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