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Existentialist share new single ‘The Zealot’s Demise’ 

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UK-based extreme metal juggernauts Existentialist have unveiled ‘Shrouded In Darkness‘, the third single / video from their new album, The Heretic, out today via Seek and Strike.

Watch the video here .

Stream the single and album here: https://linktr.ee/existentialist

Existentialist are forging their own unique path within the extreme metal genre and their new full-length album, The Heretic, is an exhilarating and fresh blast of blackened death metal savagery. This dynamic, young group perform well beyond their years and hover between a crafty balance of sheer blasphemous intensity and technical musicianship.

Existentialist commented on the album: “With The Heretic we wanted to create something epic that pushed our abilities. The Heretic is in essence a commentary on how religion is used as an excuse for people to do evil. The album’s narrative is a journey I feel many have been on.

The belief, the questioning, then breaking away, often the angst and Satanic fantasies, then finding the grey area and ultimately realising its always people who are at fault. People hide behind their gods as an excuse to do evil in the guise of a greater good. You can find many levels and meaning within the album’s lyrics, despite its blasphemous track titles, the album has more of a ‘live and let live’ message. One could say that it is a more existential view on the idea of religion.

“We span the whole scope of extreme metal. The album has epic, emotional black metal elements, techy patterns, metalcore riffs, some doomey bits and a plethora of savage breakdowns. I think there’s something in there for everyone who likes any corner of extreme metal. Metaphorically speaking, this entity represents anger and hatred, and how it will consume and corrupt.

“We started writing material for this album before we’d even released our debut album Prophet of Ignorance. It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime to release it and are so excited for people to hear it, start playing it live and see/hear the reactions. As a whole, we feel it is a huge step up from our previous work both in production and writing.” 

Existentialist will next week head out on a co-headline tour with label-mates Draconian Reign across the UK. Dates:

The band continue: “The upcoming UK trek with our buddies and label-mates, Draconian Reign, is not to be missed. We’re both symphonic deathcore, but from opposite ends of the spectrum, so we feel our two bands complement each other really well. You can expect an intense, atmospheric and emotional experience from every show.”

Watch the video to previous singles:

Embers Upon Calvary’ featuring Jason Evans of Ingestedhttps://youtu.be/JoToVl7zMlM
‘The Zealot’s Demise’: https://youtu.be/ldhEifPyFJA

Essex-based Existentialist are a five-piece blackened death metal band who are wholly cementing themselves as serious players in the scene.

Their debut album Prophet of Ignorance, released in 2020, demonstrates the band’s technicality, musicianship and above all, heaviness. The combination of the dark vocals, aggressive guitars, intense drumming and sinister orchestral sections creates a beautifully morbid blend of noise. The energy the quintet bring to their performances makes this band one not to miss.

Formed in 2015 by Jonny (guitar) and Olly (drums), they were later joined in 2018 by Phill (bass) and Sam (lead guitar). The line-up was completed in 2019 with the addition of vocalist Patty, allowing the release of the debut album Prophet of Ignorance in December 2020. A wide range of influences have helped the band to develop a complex sound, drawing from a variety of genres.

Existentialist are:Patryk Kolasa – Vocals 
Jonny Flack – Guitars 
Samuel Berriman – Guitars 
Phill Morley – Bass 
Olly Winn – Drums 

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