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Gig Review : Razorlight & Afflecks Palace : The Telegraph Building Belfast

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Review by Mark McGrogan

Tuesday night in Belfast, it is the start of Easter week and traffic is light as I make my way down to the Telegraph Building in Belfast for what should be a great night’s music.

One of the UK’s finest indie rock bands Razorlight are back in Belfast post-pandemic and the old Tele building is hosting.

The Telegraph Building for me is a great spot for a gig, they’re constantly working on it to improve it as a live venue and each time I am here I like what I am seeing, I dig the vibe, the size and the scale of the place and it’s quirky feel.

The Telegraph Building for me is a great spot for a gig, they’re constantly working on it to improve it as a live venue and each time I am here I like what I am seeing, I dig the vibe, the size and the scale of the place and it’s quirky feel.

In tow tonight Razorlight have brought a fresh-faced Manchester quartet in Affleck’s Palace, a band that certainly is new to me, which is always appreciated as who doesn’t need new tunes in their life, hopefully, these guys will live up to the reputation that the city has for producing first-class quality bands.

Filling the air with their Manchester music Afflecks Palace are a four-piece with a bite, that Manc attitude and swagger ingrained in bands from a certain area in England.

They kick off their set with gusto and get stuck right in with a tasty raft of songs that has the Belfast crowd swaying in no time.

We do love a band with attitude over here and Afflecks Palace are a band dripping in that, a confidence that you just have to admire they way they strut around that stage as they bellow out huge man bangers, the Belfast audience soaking it up track after track as Affleck’s Palace drive home a solid set, a great opening to the night, but tonight is about one thing and one thing only, the return of the magnificent Razorlight bringing their ‘Razor What’ Tour, The Best Of Razorlight 2023 to Belfast, let’s do this! Razorlight is a British indie rock band that burst onto the scene in the early 2000s with its infectious blend of catchy hooks, driving rhythms, and memorable lyrics.

While their studio recordings have earned them critical acclaim and commercial success, it is their live performances that have truly cemented their status as one of the UK’s most exciting and dynamic bands. From the very beginning, Razorlight has been known for its high-energy live shows. Lead singer and guitarist Johnny Borrell is a charismatic frontman, with a powerful voice and a commanding stage presence that immediately captures the audience’s attention.

His passionate performances are complemented by the band’s tight musicianship and their ability to create a dynamic and engaging live sound.

One of the band’s most memorable live performances took place in 2004, at the legendary Reading Festival. Razorlight was one of the main acts on the bill, playing to a crowd of tens of thousands of fans and like tonight, here at The Telegraph building in Belfast their set was a high-energy affair, with the band playing hit after hit and Borrell engaging the crowd with his signature blend of rockstar swagger and genuine enthusiasm.

The audience responds fervently, singing along to every song and creating an unforgettable electric atmosphere. Another hallmark of Razorlight’s live performances is their willingness to experiment and take risks.

The band is known for their improvisational approach to its music, often extending songs with improvised instrumental sections or unexpected tempo changes. This willingness to push the boundaries of their sound and take chances on stage has earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts in the UK. It is easy to see why, as the crowd consumes hit after hit, Razorlight just deliver again and again, their technical prowess is right up there with the best, a band who have earned their stripes on the road over the years playing the biggest of stages, coming from modest of stages and everything in between, their ability to bring that personal feel and magic to the live stage is effortless.

Of course, it is not just Borrell’s showmanship and the band’s musicianship that make Razorlight’s live performances so memorable. It is also the sheer joy and passion that they bring to their music, and the connection that they forge with their fans.

Whether they are playing in a packed stadium or an intimate club, Razorlight has a knack for making every audience member feel like they are part of something special. Their infectious energy and enthusiasm are impossible to resist, and their live performances are an experience that fans will never forget.

In recent years, Razorlight’s live performances have continued to impress fans and critics alike. Despite lineup changes and a shifting music landscape, the band remains committed to delivering high-energy, engaging shows that capture the spirit and essence of their music.

With a loyal fanbase and a reputation as one of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting live acts, Razorlight is a band that is sure to continue making waves on the stage for years to come.

The best of Razorlight indeed, tonight was an evening packed with classic hits, transporting us back to a place in time with a feel-good factor you just couldn’t beat with a stick, it is easy to forget the mark that Razorlight have made on the British music scene since their arrival in the early 2000’s, but tonight is a glorious reminder of a band that consistently released banger after banger, so many big hitters that you can easily forget Razorlight brought along their journey to the very top of the UK indie-rock scene, and what a journey it was.

Tonight was a real pleasure, revisiting the very best this band can offer amongst friends. The guys arrive in the UK for a run of dates, many of which are already sold-out but if you are lucky enough you might be able to grab yourself some tickets and I cannot recommend that highly enough.

Photography by MPM

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