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Gig Review : Krooked Tongue – Deathproof EP Launch Show Dareshack, Bristol

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Review by Gary spiller for MPM

It’s a pleasantly sunny Sunday evening in Bristol, one of three Bank Holiday weekends the month of May has generously bestowed upon us all.

With the bustle and hustle more associated with a Saturday the centre of the city doesn’t feel like there’s a Monday just around the corner. With a bountiful myriad of live venues Bristol is richly deserving of its status of being a creative hub with a diverse entertainment scene.

Dareshack, a new to us venue, is sort of hidden away in plain view in the Vintry Building along Wine Street, nestling just between St. Nicholas Market and Castle Park. Marketed as “A place to think. A place to dare” Dareshack opened its doors in 2020 with a manifesto to “Build unique environments where creative people and projects can thrive.” Seems like the sort of place where our friends in Krooked Tongue should slot in seamlessly with their 21st century take on all things rock and roll.

This evening this trio of Bristol lads are celebrating the release of their second EP ‘Deathproof’, a defiant line in the sand sort of moment that projects the preciseness of Muse entangled wondrously with the engaging angst of Nirvana in a seething lava pit of darkened grooves and deep, oft-melancholic, lyrics. It’s boldly Bristolian and they’re justifiably proud of their identity.

Krooked Tongue are comprised of the shimmering guitaring of Dan Smith which is dynamically aligned with the swaggering beat of drummer Harry Pritchard both of whom channel their combined energies via the focal forces of frontman and charismatic bassist Oli Rainsford. It’s a dynamic product that engages and transfixes.

From the opening energies of the composed hauntings of ‘I Know A Place’ right through to the volcanic eruption of debut single ‘I Wanna Steal Your Car this is an hour of musical exploration as the boundaries are subjected to progressive expansionism. Echoes of Radiohead melded with Muse rebound within ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ the fast-paced title track from KT’s debut EP of ’22. Oli is swiftly forgiven for announcing ‘Velociraptor’ as from their debut EP as he corrects himself without missing a beat. Mixing a hooky Rocket From The Crypt beat with the outstanding indie of The Killers the shadowy interior of the Dareshack is soon a seething mass.

Both EPs are played in their entirety with the predatory strike of ‘Swarm’ following with sparkling vibrancy and jagged vocals. Always projecting forwards brand new track ‘Ember Mile’ steps outside of ‘the box’ with a precision momentum that melds a peculiar alloying of Franz Ferdinand, Manics and U2’s ‘Isolation’ that works oh so well.

Shouts of “We love you!” emanate from the depths of the healthy-sized crowd with Dan quipping “It’s really hard to see you except the front row!” Rumbling earthily ‘Freaky Love’ bursts out of the basement dwelling before rolling right into ‘Lupines’ that, most appropriately, elicits some tasty wolf howls from the crowd. Svelte and brooding its sultry tones comfort a shadowy angst as the lighting strobes. An infernal rage circles.

A luminous ‘Marigold’ – much loved by the fans – and the fuzzed-up pop-punk fringed ‘You Don’t Need A Suntan’ wrap up a quickfire quadruple faceted salvo. A deserved collective breath is taken before Dan’s guitar – capo close to the body – brings in ‘Backseat Therapy’ with wondrous restrictive accuracy. Moving away from the EPs the spot is turned upon ‘When The Beaches Bleed’, a prowling nocturnal feline of a number whose sharpened claws are set to draw blood.

The eternal contagion of ‘Deathproof’ – the titular track of the recent release’ and the mythical overtures of ‘Vampyre’ wrap up the main body of the set with the band exiting stage left with a feedback loop coursing through the PA. Raucously cheering for further tunage the crowd aren’t left waiting for too long as the thoroughbred ‘Blood Shark’ and riotous ‘I Wanna Steal Your Car’ provide a sterling encore that ensures broad smiles as the crowd filters out into the warm night air. Right here, right now we have bore witness to a bright future of rock!

Photography by Kelly Spiller for MPM

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