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Hard rockers Stevie R. Pearce And The Hooligans unveil the Official Video to latest single “Out Go The Lights”- plus NEW Summer Tour date and support acts confirmed 

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Stevie R. Pearce And The Hooligans are greatly revered and respected within the global rock and metal scene and have become one of the leading lights for UK rock music in recent years.

The latest incarnation of the band consisting of frontman and founder Stevie Pearce on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Christian Kimmett on Bass, Charles Evans on Drums and Ash Tustain on Guitar, define a brand new and exciting era for the ‘Hooligans’ with a string of brand-new releases and high-profile headline shows.  The band released their latest pleasing Hell-raising screamer of a single “Out Go The Lights” – recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen – out now.

Stevie R. Pearce is a formidable frontman and is likely omnipresent in your own musical experience: you just may not realise it yet. He’s well known for his role in Jizzy Pearl’s latest line-up of legendary L.A. rock band Love/Hate, his work in Warrior Soul, and the Black Bullets. He’s an exceptionally experienced performer, globally, locally and (as previously indicated) very likely in your front room too! Frankly, he’s been there with all the rock icons you can think of, played like absolute hell and bought the T shirt too, figuratively speaking.

However, Pearce is a songwriter in his own right and his band “Stevie R. Pearce And The Hooligans” allows this revered guitarist to flex some creative muscles to express himself on his own terms.  

Let’s be clear, he isn’t basking in delusions of grandeur here: No. Under his own banner and rallying cry he’s now able to galvanise all his worldly experience, talent and relentless energy to bring an intoxicating hard rock assault to our very ears. He’s stood in the shadows, as you rocked yourself stupid during the best gigs of your life. Now it’s time for Stevie R. Pearce – with his ‘Hooligans’ – to slide out of the shadows and into the spotlight to claim the glory for himself.

​Stevie R. Pearce And The Hooligans eponymous titled debut album came out on Cargo Records in March 2018. The track “Bad Day” was played frequently on Planet Rock Radio with presenters The Hairy Bikers proclaiming The Hooligans as the best band to come out of the south in a long time! Following some extensive headline touring, and a long jaunt across the USA opening the “Dio Returns Hologram” Tour with Love/Hate (featuring Dio’s former journeymen including Simon Wright (AC/DC), Craig Goldy, and Scott Warren), 2019 also saw the release of the Hooligans live album “Give Me Everything: Live in Blackpool” .

It was recorded at the Waterloo Music Bar, supporting a sold-out Massive Wagons show, and achieved critical acclaim for the deliverance of “30 minutes of pure adrenaline”. The following 2021 studio album was “Major League Son Of A Bitch” featuring non-other than Love/Hate’s Jizzy Pearl singing on the title track (the video features Jizzy’s famous Hollywood sign story, re-visited!) A stand-alone single ‘Educated Guesser’ followed: a fast paced, punk rock raw frenzied onslaught of riffs and melody that showcases the heaviest sound the band have ever created and was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat).

As a continuation, new single “Out Go the Lights”– was also recorded with, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen and is the start point for the Hooligans exhilarating new direction. The track is an unrelenting blast of raw, visceral energy, channelling out-of-the-blue lightning rage and pure screaming anger. You know (it’s happened to you, right?) – the blind rage when no one listens in critical situations and you try and remain calm, but, through either ignorance or sheer egotism, they can only see things from their own narrow viewpoint. So, you lose it. Big Time. We’ve all been there.

Stevie explains the song was inspired by a recent argument where trouble was brewing: “I just had to walk away. The alternative was ‘out go the lights’ – in other words, kick off a fight, which is what I really wanted to do and what I think most people want to do, but don’t. Anger is an energy to be used carefully.”

The video was shot, at the Waterloo, Blackpool.. (voted by the people on Planet Rock as the UKs #1 venue!) Stevie says“it’s a second home to me. We’ve done a live album there, so it was kind of fitting. I have a long History with Ian Fletcher, he’s a part of the Hooligans. Neil Holker too! On the day they really bought the idea to life, with Lee Merrison’s Pyro – the idea was to capture a Hooligans show- to walk around in it, to be up close and part of it. Energy and Attitude!”

With that in mind –  Go see them smash a live date near you!


21/06 Bannermans, Edinburgh, W/ Holy Rude Vault and Main Primate http://t-s.co/st073

22/06 The Waterloo Blackpool, W/ Voodoo Sioux and Apriori https://www.seetickets.com/tour/stevie-r-pearce-the-hooligans

23/06 Facebar Reading https://www.wegottickets.com/event/575818

24/06 Corporation Sheffield w/ Blind Alice https://www.wegottickets.com/event/575819

21/07 Musician, Leicester W/ Blind Alice and Dig Lazarus https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/stevie-r-pearce-and-the-the-musician-tickets/13188608
22/07 Black Heart Camden, London W/ Blind Alice and Dig Lazarus https://www.wegottickets.com/event/575820




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