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Sicksense (ex The Agonist) stream new single / video 

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Nu-metal rising stars Sicksense, featuring Killer V (Vicky Psarakis formerly of The Agonist) and Rob The Ripper (Robby J. Fonts of Stuck Mojo), have release new single ‘Feed Them To The Wolves’ along with another brilliantly entertaining music video.

This is the second single taken from their new EP Fools Tomorrow, set for release on 11th June. 

Watch the video for ‘Feed Them To The Wolves’ below.

Stream the single and pre-order Fools Tomorrow here: https://soundescapeagency.com/sicksense/foolstomorrow

Killer V comments on the single: “‘Feed Them To The Wolves’ is a multifaceted song. The lyrics were written collaboratively between Rob and I, which led to that beautiful contrast.

My inspiration and emotional connection to it came from my own life as a musician. Being in this industry, there’s this constant feeling that what you’re doing is never enough. From the music you’re creating to the content and interactions you have with others over social media, you’re often left feeling drained and your efforts unappreciated.

In current times, people always crave more and some fans develop these parasocial relationships in their minds that come with a strong sense of entitlement. You do one thing they don’t like; you’re criticized, you say one thing they don’t like; you’re crucified, you create music that’s different from what they’re used to; you’re abandoned.

“All these things can cripple you emotionally and make you feel like a puppet to your audience, as you’re always trying to appease them. However, the strings are imaginary. At the end of the day what you choose to do should be your own decision. As long as you’re able to connect with and impact some people’s lives positively, what you’re doing is enough. Opening your arms to the world is a scary feeling, but every beautiful thing that comes with it is ultimately worth it.”

Outliers never stick to the script. Instead, they constantly and consistently surprise. As such, Sicksense bob and weave past any and all boundaries, flipping convention upside down and fusing heavy metal, hip-hop, and alternative like never before.

Extreme screams puncture nimbly rapped verses, tempering a male-and-female call-and-response and giving the metal game a truly “new” sound. Unpredictability drives the quintet—Vicky “Killer V” [vocals, keys], Rob The Ripper [vocals], Breakdown Bran [guitar], Spot-On Sam/SOS [bass], and The Trve Cody Taylor [drums]. After piling up hundreds of thousands of streams and views independently with their debut EP Kings Today, the group present their scorching signature style on second EP Fools Tomorrow

On the new EP, Killer V continues: “The songs across Fools Tomorrow deal with a lot of introspection and how we as individuals fit into this crazy world of ours. We take a raw, open and honest approach with this EP and the music and stories take you on an emotional rollercoaster. We hope you enjoy being on this ride with us.”

Sicksense have also announced two EP release headline shows at Turbo Haus in Montreal, Canada, on the 9th and 10th of June. Get tickets here: https://soundescapeagency.com/sicksense/events

Watch the video for previous single ‘Fools Tomorrow’ (featuring Fozzy guitarist Billy Grey) here: https://youtu.be/lniJJ_3zct0

Sicksense are:
Killer V – Vocals/Keys
Rob The Ripper – Vocals
Breakdown Bran – Guitars
Spot-On Sam/SOS – Bass
The Trve Cody Taylor – Drums


01 Feed Them To The Wolves
02 Fools Tomorrow
03 Invitation    
04 Run And Hide    
05 Erase, Rewind

Sicksense online:  

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