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Review by Paul Sabin for MPM

To those in the know, Nita Strauss is guitar legend of epic proportions. Her name may not be familiar to many but she is most well known as Alice Cooper’s leading axe woman.

Recently she has also taken on guitar duties for Demi Lovato. Less well known is the fact that she does guitar tuition, she has her own signature Ibanez guitar models and of course has a solo career.

`Call Of The Void’ is the follow up to her debut solo album `Controlled Chaos’ which was released some five years ago. Whilst her first output was a solely instrumental affair, here we get to hear a progression and maturity in Strauss’ song writing.

This is aided by clever matching of guest vocalists on many of the tracks. The star-studded guest list includes Alice Cooper, Lzzy Hale, Anders Frieden, David Draiman, Chris Motionless, Alissa White-Gluz, Dorothy, Lilith Czar and Marty Friedman.

`Summer Storm’ replete with atmospheric effects gets things rolling, and its clear from the outset that this isn’t going to be a casual affair but of a high energy roller-coaster of adrenalin filled guitar playing that is both technically brilliant and fluid.

`The Wolf You Feed’ features Alissa White-Gluz and is an all-out metal fest with a pounding beat. White-Gluz vocal dances between a guttural roar and semi clean powerhouse.

Chris Motionless comes under the spotlight next with `Digital Bullet’ which is tailored to fit perfectly with his vocal style. The subject matter of faceless outspoken attacks on the internet is centre of attention here. Lzzy Hale picks up the baton next and puts her own unique stamp on the anthemic, foot stomper `Through The Noise’.

`Consume The Fire’ see Strauss shredding and divebombing at breakneck speed in this instrumental. `Dead Inside’ featuring David Draiman’s vocals and a cutting modern electronic feel shows a different side to Strauss’ composing.

The marching anthem of `Victorious’ up next has a light, airy attack as the background to Dorothy’s crystalline vocal which is pure whilst retaining a cutting edge.

`Scorched’ features a beautiful acoustic intro that morphs into a duel guitar sound that weaves some superb tonal patterns and illustrates Nita Strauss’ playing technique that oozes feeling from every note.

`Momentum’ certainly lives up to its name as this ear crushing opus raises the notes per second level up to insane levels as the guitar wizard zips up and down the fretboard. Anders Friden’s aggressive vocal punches as hard as the rest of the track in `The Golden Trail’ which harbours a great melodic chorus.

Perhaps the most commercial sounding track is `Winner Takes All’ which contains chugging guitars, synth sounds, soaring lead breaks and the cherry on the top – Alice Cooper on vocals. Taking on a modern symphonic metal style is `Monster’ featuring the vocal talents of Lilith Czar which is yet another highpoint on this album.

The last instrumental, `Kintsugi’ is a slower, bluesy number which shows that Strauss is so much more than a metal guitarist. This moody track is sublime. The last track of the album continues the bluesy slow feel but sees Strauss joined by Megadeth’s Marty Friedman. What a way to finish!

There is absolutely no doubt that Nita Strauss has grown and developed massively musically since her debut album was released. Every track here is well thought out and she has made the most out of the skillset that each guest vocalist brings to the party.

Those who know her will love it and those who don’t are sure to find something that will make them want to hear more. Remember the name as Nita Strauss is a force to be reckoned with!



  1. Summer Storm
  2. The Wolf You Feed” (Feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
  3. “Digital Bullets” (Feat. Chris Motionless)
  4. “Through the Noise” (Feat. Lzzy Hale)
  5. “Consume The Fire”
  6. Dead Inside” (Feat. David Draiman)
  7. “Victorious” (Feat. Dorothy)
  8. “Scorched”
  9. “Momentum”
  10. The Golden Trail” (Feat. Anders Fridén)
  11.  “Winner Takes All” (Feat. Alice Cooper)
  12. “Monster” (Feat. Lilith Czar)
  13. “Kintsugi”
  14. “Surfacing” (Feat. Marty Friedman) 


  1. “Summer Storm”
  2. “The Wolf You Feed” (Feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
  3. “Digital Bullets” (Feat. Chris Motionless)
  4. “Through the Noise” (Feat. Lzzy Hale)
  5. “Consume The Fire”
  6. “Dead Inside” (Feat. David Draiman)
  7. “Victorious” (Feat. Dorothy)
  8. “Scorched”
  9. “Momentum”
  10. “The Golden Trail” (Feat. Anders Fridén)
  11. “Winner Takes All” (Feat. Alice Cooper)
  12. “Monster” (Feat. Lilith Czar)
  13. “Kintsugi”
  14. “Surfacing” (Feat. Marty Friedman)
  15. “The Wolf You Feed” (Instrumental)
  16. “Digital Bullets” (Instrumental)
  17. “Through the Noise” (Instrumental)
  18. “Dead Inside” (Instrumental)
  19. “Victorious” (Instrumental)
  20. “The Golden Trail” (Instrumental)
  21. “Winner Takes All” (Instrumental)
  22. “Monster” (Instrumenta

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