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How To Play Metal Music Bingo

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People will recognise bingo as a game that feels like it’s been around forever, and it has. It’s been around for decades and is still popular today, tens of years later. The reason for this is that it has managed to reinvent itself multiple times, and a new version of the game has recently come to the fore, and that’s metal music bingo.

Music bingo has been popular for a while now, and it’s certainly a more fun and interesting way to enjoy the game than the norm in the eyes of some. But, while general music bingo exists, there are many music genres. Metal is one of the best-loved, which has led to metal music bingo coming into existence in real life. Maybe we will see this metal music bingo being incorporated into slots and likely mainstream bingo sites online if it becomes popular enough.

How To Play

In short, playing metal music bingo is the same as playing music bingo and is generally similar to the classic game of bingo too.

  • Usually, bingo callers call numbers, but they will play snippets of metal music tracks over the loudspeaker in metal music bingo.
  • If the track name and/or artist is listed on a player’s bingo card, they will mark it off. If playing online or virtually, this will be done automatically.
  • The bingo caller will continue to play snippets of metal music tracks until people complete lines and so on, akin to the classic game of bingo.
  • And in traditional style, when players are a winner, they must call out “Bingo!” to alert the caller and other players.

Some will say that players must be fans of the metal music genre to be able to play. And while it will be advantageous, it’s not a necessity, as many famous metal music tracks have made it into the mainstream that everyone will have heard before. So, it could be the ideal change of pace for those looking for something different than classic bingo or standard versions of music bingo. Metal music could even be used as part of multiple rounds in a game of music bingo too.

Like the classic version of bingo, people don’t have to visit bingo halls to play metal music bingo. Bingo is a simple game that can be set up and played anywhere, and it makes for some great entertainment at a party or gathering of friends. And, if said friends were all fans of metal music, is there really any better game to play? It’s a way to enjoy the music while having fun and engaging in friendly competition.

What’s next for metal music bingo will depend on how popular it becomes or how online bingo site operators see it. It’s possible that it will be available to enjoy at online bingo sites, either as a standalone product or as part of a general music bingo offering. And it will always be played offline, where it’s already making a name for itself among metalheads with a penchant for bingo.

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