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Single Review : Kataklysm – Die As A King

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

One of my favourite places to be, in my music bubble boat. Today’s offering is melodic death metal band Kataklysm.

The Canadians have been delivering excellent, strong metal music since their eruption 29 years ago. In total they have released fourteen full-length albums, soon to be 15. They are preparing themselves for the release of their full-length studio album Goliath which is being discharged via Nuclear Blast Records this August.

Goliath was produced and engineered by J-F Dagenais and recorded at JFD Studios in Dallas, Studio City and also The Cabin in Orlando. For the mixing and mastering, the band returned to Chris Clancy with assistance from Colin Richardson and renowned artist Eliran Kantor, who created the preposterous artwork.

Vocalist Maurizio confirmed that Goliath is inspired by our current time in society where division and hate is growing and spreading across the world. The future of humanity is colliding and this is a time of unprecedented power structures that are fighting for the control of our lives. The story of David vs Goliath has never been more important in these modern times. Metal has always been a voice of rebellion against oppression and for the protection of our freedoms. Goliath touches on inner conflict and doing what needs to be done to confront your inner demons.

Single “Bringer Of Vengeance” was the first tease release from the album and the motivation behind this is about carefully and patiently plotted revenge. It is inspired by the events surrounding the assassination of King Richard I ‘The Lionheart’ and that it might take time but, one day justice will always be served.

“Die As A King” is the prequel to “Bringer Of Vengeance” and the message behind this belter track is standing tall for your convictions until the end, even when facing certain death. This track embodies some of the Kataklysm melodic trademarks with a brutal undertone and groove-ladened rhythmic sections that intertwine with each other.

Oh my it’s a bulky one, over 3 minutes of utter skull trampling, face pounding metal.

The pace is ridiculous, persistently quick and Maurizio’s vocals are considerably vicious, conquering the majority of the track. Those monster sounding guitars from Jean-François and hard hitting riffs are neighbouring the heavy beat which thumps the inside of your stomach. In places, the modern tech side of the sound slightly reminds me of Slipknot. Sound production wise is certainly evolved compared to previous releases but nothing too dramatic.

Roll on August for the release of their L.P, I am massively interested and intrigued as to how this will sound overall.

Goliath tracklisting:
1. Dark Wings Of Deception
2. Goliath
3. Die As A King
4. Bringer Of Vengeance
5. Combustion
6. From The Land Of The Living To The Land Of The Dead
7. The Redeemer
8. Heroes To Villains
9. Gravestones & Coffins
10. The Sacrifice For Truth

Pre-order/pre-save Goliathhttps://bfan.link/kataklysm-goliath

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