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The Style Evolution of Guns N’ Roses’ Lead Guitarist Slash

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Guns N’ Roses has had a successful musical career. They produced six studio albums, one live album, four extended plays, and 20 singles.

The famous rock band has also sold out countless shows worldwide, some of which include those from their 2022 rescheduled tour in the UK that was supposed to happen in 2020 and then 2021. They’re touring this year, too, going to other destinations like the Middle East and North America.

Apart from their music career, their styles have also witnessed changes throughout the years. Though all members can be considered rock fashion icons, lead guitarist Slash—undoubtedly—has some of the most memorable style pieces in his collection. If you want to know more, keep reading about his style evolution below.



Credit: @gunsnroses on Instagram

One thing that makes Slash stand out from his members or amongst a crowd is his top hat. He wears a top hat since he gets nervous in front of crowds, and the hat makes him feel more comfortable.

The hat he constantly wears is from Los Angeles, back when he was touring with the band in 1985. The guitarist himself added the metal details around the hat. While Slash has mentioned that it’s his go-to hat that he replaces every few years, he also has some leather hats in his closet that you may see him wear occasionally. You may even catch a glimpse of him in a backward baseball cap or snapback, giving a more modern look to his classic rock n’ roll style.


Credit: @gunsnroses on Instagram

Another iconic accessory that Slash will rarely be seen without is his sunglasses. Similar to the top hat, the guitarist started wearing sunglasses so he wouldn’t feel as shy when looking at the crowd.

Slash often wears Ray-Ban sunglasses for men, specifically the Aviators. These are one of the brand’s most iconic and timeless models, combining style and comfort—which is prob ly why Slash almost never takes them off. You’ll see him jumping or doing guitar riffs on the stage, and they never fall off or bother him. In the past, he only wore the Aviators with black lenses, though he branched out to the mirrored lenses with a cooler appeal on stage and matching his outfits’ chrome accents.


Credit: @gunsnroses on Instagram

In his younger years—such as when the band had just debuted—Slash often wore sleeveless tees and tank tops. This complemented his youth at the time, although it doesn’t stop him from wearing the same clothes today.

However, you’ll often see him wearing a graphic shirt nowadays, with various prints ranging from slogans to icons and unnamed characters. He gets his shirts from multiple brands—some big, some small. A handful of his graphic shirts come from BathroomWall T-Shirts, a brand known for creating unofficial shirts for movies, television shows, and music.

Leather Jackets

Credit: @gunsnroses on Instagram

Can a rock star be called as such if they’re not wearing a leather jacket? Yes, probably, but Slash likes to live up to these expectations by sporting a leather jacket from time to time.

Despite some fashion experts claiming that leather jackets for men will only look good up until a certain age (39 years—to be exact), the guitarist doesn’t pay them much attention. He used to wear tight-fitting jackets in his youth, but today he likes to experiment by donning more loose-fitting ones. Harley Davidson is one of his go-to brands, mainly because the brand makes jackets that fit the rock star vibe.

Slash is one of this age’s most iconic rock stars, guitarists, and fashion icons. Although he has staple accessories and garments, he never fails to experiment with their details to experiment with his look.
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