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US prog-death metal: Horrendous release new single 

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Philadelphia’s filthiest and finest progressive death metal band, Horrendous, have revealed a new glimpse of their forthcoming album, Ontological Mysterium, with their single ‘Preterition Hymn’.

‘Preterition Hymn’ is of a different Satanic verse than the two previoussingles. It’s still plenty sinister, with hellacious vocals that sound like the band is being burned alive – but it’s more of a slow burn. The twin guitars wring out a tortured but deeply melodic riff that drips like sweet, sweet tears.  

Horrendous comments: “‘Preterition Hymn’ is a lament for the weary and the damned – those who, like in the myth of Tantalus, can glimpse the golden fruits of knowledge and divinity yet are kept perpetually just out of reach by the tides of misfortune and fate. It is a hymn of longing infused with the faintest hope that our misery is merely the cleansing ablution necessary to don the robe of flames, free at last.”

Stream here: Link below.

Ontological Mysterium will be released 18th August via Season of Mist

Pre-order Ontological Mysterium HERE and pre-save HERE.

Horrendous worked with renowned comic book artist and writer Daniel Warren Johnson, who has worked on titles for Imag and Marvel comics, to draw a poster to celebrate the album. The poster comes with the limited Vinyl Frankenstein edition and is available on the Season of Mist e-shop.

“Surprises always come up during writing — spontaneous ideas pull you into new territory and enable the realization of novel possibilities that previously were inaccessible.”

Such are the words from Horrendous drummer Jamie Knox when discussing the creation of the band’s fifth full-length, the highly anticipated Ontological Mysterium.

Knox‘s quote also encapsulates Horrendous‘s approach to extreme metal. Since 2009, the band has capably tapped into the inaccessible by providing a fresh, unconventional take on death metal that harnesses technical brilliance with elaborate, mind-melding melodies, frothy, spewing vocals and labyrinthine song structures.

This combination has made each Horrendous long play a clinic in the gratifyingly unorthodox. The trend continues on Ontological Mysterium.


1. The Blaze (02:00)
2. Chrysopoeia (The Archaeology of Dawn) (07:16)
3. Neon Leviathan (03:30)
4. Aurora Neoterica (01:56)
5. Preterition Hymn (03:58)
6. Cult of Shaad’oah (05:24)
7. Exeg(en)esis, (03:38)
8. Ontological Mysterium (04:44)
9. The Death Knell Ringeth (05:20)
Total run time: 37:44

Horrendous are:
Matthew Knox – guitars / backing vocals
Jamie Knox – drums
Damian Herring – guitars / vocals
Alex Kulick – bass

Horrendous online:


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