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Album Review: Holding Absence – The Noble Art of Self Destruction

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

Cardiff’s Holding Absence complete their album trilogy with newest release “The Noble Art of Self Destruction”.

“Head Prison Blues” is immediately goosebump inducing, the slow build into its fast-paced delivery is excellently done with “A Crooked Melody” telling a story especially “I’ve been lost alone inside my head. The devil on my shoulder’s crying wolf again” really connecting with me.

The albums most anthemic piece comes in the form of “False Dawn” and combined with “Scissors” providing a symmetry in delivery and emotion makes for my favourite section of the album.

Yes, “Honey Moon” is a ballad but its so well crafted, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a ballad, I’m certainly partial to them and even everyone I live with may have noticed this one subtly been played a lot.

Moving onto “Death Nonetheless” are not afraid to tackle real life subjects such as existential reflections on suicide and channelling those into something so concise has a real outpouring of emotion and contemplation, this is followed by the ethereal undertones of “Her Wings”.

“These New Dreams” takes on a more melodic approach which once again the delivery being expertly measured which is really nicely complimented by “Luminal” concluding with “The Angel In The Marble” – Those goosebumps I got at the start well, they are back with a vengeance, vocalist Lucas Woodland described this album as a form of self-therapy which sees him more candid and comfortable with his emotions than ever before and I feel that you can hear that throughout and because of that I feel that it really connects with the listener and they begin to identify apply those feelings and emotions to things in their own life I know a few times I have a had a lump in my throat and have taken moments of reflection and contemplation

Sometimes an album comes out of left field and really takes hold of you which is what The Noble Art of Self Destruction has done and if I was anywhere near Fairwater still,I would want to immerse myself in the live experience of this album.

A beautiful jigsaw of reflection and hope.

The Noble Art of Self Destruction” track-listing:

  1. Head Prison Blues
  2. A Crooked Melody
  3. False Dawn
  4. Scissors
  5. Honey Moon
  6. Deathnonetheless
  7. Her Wings
  8. These New Dreams
  9. Liminal
  10. The Angel in the Marble

Lucas Woodland – Vocals
Benjamin Elliot – Bass
Ashley Green – Drums
Scott Carey- Guitars





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