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Single Review : When Rivers Meet – Seen it All Before 

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Reviewed by Taf Rock for MPM

When Rivers Meet !!! One of the few success stories of the dreaded COVID lockdown period with their weekly live streams rapidly swelling their fan numbers from an initial trickle of interest to a tsunami that carried the band to unforetold success sweeping away any obstacle in their path on their way to a plethora of awards.

We all know When Rivers Meet don’t we? Their tried and tested sound with Aaron on guitar/cigar box/vocals and his wife Grace supplying incredible vocals/mandolin/violin to their unique sound . Well think again!!!

This track (the third single from forthcoming third studio album ‘Aces Are High’) goes by the title of ‘Seen It All Before’. It’s a phrase misplaced critics of the band are often heard using. 

This track proves yet again that those doubting Thomas critics are not only in the minority in their opinions but totally incorrect in the words they use to describe When Rivers Meet. A band that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and venture into pastures new, this track redefines their sound. Three minutes and thirty seven seconds of pure musical genius from the Bonds.

Seen it all before, heard it all before. You most certainly haven’t . This is a most radical departure from the tried and tested successful When Rivers Meet sound as it’s possible to get.

It’s hauntingly beautiful, such an atmospheric big sound taking the duo’s sound to new unheard or unseen heavier heights. Yes we have other instruments on this track providing percussion but this track revolves around the Bonds and it’s undoubtedly their song.

I can imagine venue roofs being raised to the rafters as the crowd join in the opening chant in a style similar to the unforgettable sound of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ accompanied by the obligatory hand claps throughout the song. It has just that sort of vibe about it. A future band anthem for sure.

It’s unmistakably Grace yet such a different darker sound to those glorious vocals. Aaron’s distorted guitar cuts in . A kind of crawling overdriven riff that’s creeping up on you as Grace belts out the main vocal ‘I feel your eyes on me’ and implores you to listen. Based around the successful stripped back sound of those live streams performed as a duo but taken to a whole new level. Pumped full of energy to the max 

This is a big big sound. Grace and Aaron accompanied by thunderous drums and thunder claps.

Proving they have more than one string to their bow and plenty more aces up their sleeves this song is destined to become a call to arms not only for the band’s ever growing family of rapids but further afield in the music world.

Another success story from the award winning When Rivers Meet. 


1. Infected
2. Seen It All Before
3. Play My Game
4. Golden
5. Aces Are High
6. Trail To Avalon
7. Perfect Stranger
8. The Secret
9. By Your Side
10. 5 Minutes Until Midnight

The new album is available to pre-order HERE“Seen It All Before” is available on all streaming platforms HERE

Feature Photo by John Sturdy.

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