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Album Review: Cryptopsy – As Gomorrah Burns

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Death metal juggernaut Cryptopsy return with new album As Gomorrah Burns

Kicking off proceedings Lascivious Undivine wastes little time in reestablishing the merciless blasts and crushing riffs with a matching vocal delivery.

In under three minutes In Abeyance manages to pummel the listener in submission and quite honestly what is left of themGodless Deceiver swoops in and picks the meat of the bones, In this current heatwave were currently experiencing I am constantly melting and this track in particularly leaves me feeling like that, the solos are great too as too are the chugging basslines – Hello highlight track.

Both Ill Ender & Flayed The Swine do little to soften the blow, Cryptopsy have certainly returned with their no-nonsense delivery as described by vocalist Matt McGachy

“As we were writing the new album, we kept asking ourselves if the music was too dark—too ominous,” says throat-master Matt McGachy. ” We were unsure that it would fit into the realm of what Cryptopsy had created over the past 20 years. 

As the songs came together, we saw the melding of darkness and groove-based riffs ‘vibed’ perfectly within the Cryptopsy ‘sound sphere.’ We also wanted to let our riffs breathe longer for the first time since None So Vile. We take forever to write and create these moments, so we decided to give them a tad more air and let them be repeated a few more times than we would have in the past.”

Flayed The Swine is easily the albums most extreme track with The Righteous Lost trying to match pace but with more technical elements, Obeisant has a real ominous presence contained in a swirl of savagery before we are already at the final Hellgate Praise The Filth brings with it the OSDM vibe and is a great album closer

A Flaming Inferno.

“As Gomorrah Burns” track-listing:

  1. Lascivious Undivine
  2. In Abeyance
  3. Godless Deceiver
  4. Ill Ender
  5. Flayed The Swine
  6. The Righteous Lost
  7. Obeisant
  8. Praise The Filth

Flo Mounier – Drums
Christian Donaldson – Guitars
Matt McGachy – Vocals
Oliver Pinard – Bass



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