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Album Review : Danko Jones – Electric Sounds

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Review by Ritchie Birnie for MPM

Album number 11 is exactly as you expect, a balls out pure Rock’n’Roll album that slithers with that incredible Danko Jones sound and attitude.

Recent Rock and Metal releases have been of the scales and the majority are Pandemic based monsters showing nothing will hold back the right to kick ass and this albums does that with bells on. It opens with slow and lazy “Guess Who” and the opening Guess Who’s Back….me motherfucker you instantly smile and slip into an 11 track journey of excellent music.

Second song “Good Time” picks up the pace and packs one hell of a punch as well as a chorus that came to fuck shit up. This is Danko at their best. The Title track has a different approach and mixes that Punk feeling with a Phil Lynott playbook. 11 albums in and its still all killer, no filler from the trio.

Party time track next in “Get High”. It is a mid tempo happy as shit number that was built for a summer day by the sea surrounded by mates and good vibes with a Y&T’s Summertime girl feel. This is just sheer fun.

It is back to the 90s Punk Pop roots for “Stiff Competition”. Throw in a little ZZ Top and we are away. DJ pulls out the fretwork magic, he works on the repetitive vocals that will be ringing around your head for ages. The punk continues on “She’s My Baby” and it is quick, abrasive and has the bite of a bag of sharks.

The pace does not let up on “Eye for an Eye”. It packs a punch as big as the build up in the fight within the lyrics. Quick, catchy and all over far too quickly. “I Like it” slows down to that metronomic beat and I have a vision of the boys flicking up the collar on the old leather jacket. This oozes attitude and that Thin Lizzy coolness.

It is fun time again on “Let’s Make Out”. The melody follows on from the previous track as the scene is set and as DJ slots into the talking piece I can hear Steve Martin singing Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors and it is as much fun.

“What Goes Around” flicks the switch on intensity and the punk fury is evident once again. This is classic Danko and as with all their songs it will slip into a full force, sweaty assed live number. A song the fans are going to love.

I can’t believe we have fired through 11 track as we burst into “Shake Your City” and if there was ever an anthem for this band it is this song. Straight to the point and a full on rocker of a song and a statement of what this band does live. This song is going to be in the set list for a very long time. A cracking track to finish of an excellent album.

Electric Sounds does not reinvent the wheel but Danko jones fans do not want that, we want more high intensity Rock’n’Roll and that is what we got. A powerful addition to the catalogue .

Electric Sounds track listing:

  1. Guess Who’s Back
  2. Good Time
  3. Electric Sounds
  4. Get High?
  5. Stiff Competition
  6. She’s My Baby
  7. Eye For An Eye
  8. I Like It
  9. Let’s Make Out
  10. What Goes Around
  11. Shake Your City



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