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Album Review : Nervosa – Jailbreak

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Review by Sheri Bicheno for MPM

Brazilian corporals of New age Thrash Nervosa present their new offering via Napalm Records entitled Jailbreak. It marks their first with co founding member Prika on main vocals… and without further delay, spans some new elements in the mix…

We’re launched into the new offering with an immediate sonic assault. 

First track Endless Ambition bestows us to a chugging rainfall of riffs before giving way to Prika Amaral’s return of outstanding pipes roaring into the intro of the album.

The guitars are visceral from the offset, entwining with some of the best drumming brought to the forefront of most album releases this year. Michaela Naydenov displays right from the get go ranges of brutally tight cymbal work and intervals of double kick blast beats that showcase the album’s example of how Nervosa are hurling full steam ahead in this latest release. 

Not withholding the energy, Suffocate rages in as a storm of chaotic riffs and edges of winding solos from Prika and Helena Kotina that mould with the speed of double pedals that rain through your core.

Seed of Death serves as the first diverse glimmer of the album – one of my favourite tracks actually. Offering a chilling beginning that winds melodic strings from a gentle lull into a powerful build up of guitar rhythms, Hel Pyre’s bass notes deliver a strong and mystifying backbone to the track before leading off into a whirlwind of utterly filthy riff sections.

Prika’s vocals barking growls range through the track to utterly devastate. Though we don’t see much change in vocal tempo here, it doesn’t waiver her ability to deliver a formidable feel to the track.

Title track of the album Jailbreak displays bullet speed riffs that entwine with the visceral, Thrash frenzied blast beats of the track.

This is a proper thrash track that has everything you could want in it… heart stopping beats that in places, provide false sense of security with its sudden down tempo twists, grinding guitars with hammering riffs and winding rhythms and vocals that rip into your soul talks to us of celebrating freedom and not falling to insincerity.

This is a headbanger and will be a favourite amongst fans to go nuts to.

Sacrifice serves as a track that blast beats its way through layers of tempos and intricate pedal work after a melodic rhythmic intro.

The guitars are tight as anything here, the riffs and rhythms bleed into each other and give brutal textures of underlining chugs with overlays of old school thrash riffing and melody sections to divide the chaos before hurling into Behind the Wall – another pure storm of brutal riffs and darkened beats that plays with elements of Old School Death Metal in places.

When The Truth Is A Lie picks up the energy with a sinful aura of rippling synths to start that twist into a face melting punch of riffs. With Exodus guitarist Gary Holt laying down his six strings on this track, the sharpness of the riffs roll with the rhythmic leads to run alongside Michaela’s outstanding wielding of the kit. Hammering and brutal, this track and next track Superstition Failed featuring Infected Rain’s Lena Scissorhands are fantastic examples of the album’s depth of moods that it displays.

The latter has more melodic inputs in it’s delivery of strings and bass. Whilst thrashier elements remain, there are some textures of melodic death to be felt in this track.

The vocals are splintering and hold the aggression within the track. Prika’s gnarling, barking vocals and Lena’s gutturals tie well together to deliver a nightmarish cloud around the track.

Gates To The Fall has something for everyone – the melodics here are beautiful yet deadly. The thrash elements bring the brutality of the track to the forefront with the chugging riffs and double kicks and every so often, the tempo takes unexpected turns into maddening solo sections to pull you deeper in the chasm that Nervosa create with their new offering. Stunning!!

From the very beginning right through to the end, Jailbreak is a fully immersive album that not only delivers a full throttle of thrash to the face but also so beautifully melted in elements of old school and new wave to balance out everyone’s tastes.

Nervosa have turned things up a notch – do not underestimate Jailbreak.

Jailbreak Tracklist:

1          Endless Ambition
2          Suffocare       
3          Ungrateful     
4          Seed Of Death
5          Jailbreak        
6          Sacrifice         
7          Behind The Wall        
8          Kill Or Die       
9          When The Truth Is A Lie (feat. Gary Holt)
10        Superstition Failed (feat. Lena Scissorhands)
11        Gates To The Fall       
12        Elements Of Sin         
13        Nail The Coffin

Jailbreak will be available in the following formats:

1LP Vinyl PURPLE    
1LP Vinyl RED/WHITE MARBLED incl. slipmat (in gatefold) bundled with wristband & printed cotton bag
1MC TRANS RED, WHITE print        
CD Digipak + “Jailbreak” Shirt Bundle    
CD Digipak + “Seed Of Death” Shirt Bundle    
Digital Album

Nervosa are:
Prika Amaral – Vocals and guitars
Helena Kotina – Guitars
Hel Pyre – Bass
Michaela Naydenova – Drums

For more information:
Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Youtube || TikTok || Napalm Records

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