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Album Review: Sylosis – A Sign Of Things To Come

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

Ready for a reintroduction into the modern metal sphere, Readings Sylosis come armed with sixth full length A Sign Of Things To Come

Opener Deadwood serves a huge a message of intent and shows not only have the band been missed but certainly being thrust into the modern mass certainly won’t be problem for them to push through to a dominant position before heading into title track A Sign Of Things To Come as vocalist Josh Middleton explains.

As a father of two, it’s hard to be happy with the state of the world that my daughters will have to inherit. More than ever, we live on a divided planet, now amplified by technological advancements that seemingly push us further away from one another, whilst corporations and politicians exploit the planet and people…I don’t see how humans come out of this well…but as I say in the song, ‘I want to say that maybe I’m wrong’, and I do want to be able to say that one day!”

Pariahs certainly has a captivating delivery amongst a catchy chorus, a future live favourite for sure and with the breakneck speed of Poison For The Lost scratching and clawing its way to my highlight track of the album with those relentless solos and anthemic delivery. Up next is Descent which compliments excellently with slower and purposeful delivery.

Absent completely turns the album on its head with its melodic tones, the heavier tones that appear later only highlight the emotion within the track, an absolutely brilliant track so much so as I am breaking my own rule here and picking another highlight track.

Moving on Eye For An Eye is another hard-hitting track woven with aggression and subtly place dynamics and paired with Judas lyrically is great pairing. Vocalist Josh Middleton explains the process.

As far as songwriting goes, I’ve just got better at it over time” Josh notes. “Some people get older and their tastes mellow, and mine just don’t! I’m a lifer for heavy music, so I never want to overdo the melodic side of Sylosis, but there’s just enough on this album to keep people on their toes and mix things up with a new approach, both to the songwriting and performance in the studio. This is the first time I’ve allowed myself to be produced; taking on some brutal criticism and pushing myself to deliver the best vocal performance of my career.”

Sweeping in with subtle tones and a mix of tempo and vocal delivery Thorns before final track A Godless Throne provides one final flawless piece of music and even though this is bands shortest album to date it certainly contains a whole heap of heaviness.

A Strong Return of Savage Proportion

A Sign Of Things To Come” Track listing.

  1. Deadwood
  2. A Sign of Things to Come
  3. Pariahs
  4. Poison For The Lost
  5. Descent
  6. Absent
  7. Eye For An Eye
  8. Judas
  9. Thorns
  10. A Godless Throne

Josh Middleton – Vocals, Guitar
Alex Bailey – Guitar
Conor Marshall – Bass
Ali Richardson – Drums


Facebook: http://facebook.com/Sylosis

YouTube:    / sylosistv  

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Sylosis

Instagram: http://instagram.com/sylosisofficial

Web: http://sylosis-band.com

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