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EP Review : Sinnery – Below the Summit

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Review by Richard Henry for MPM

11 years in as a band, the Israeli quartet are hitting us with a new 5 track ep, full of death/thrash brutality, let’s get stuck in and see what we are dealing with!

Track 1 – Somber

Well, the title is deceiving, after a scream we are straight into up-tempo thrash time I would even say that’s like a real old school Exodus vibe verse crossed with the likes of Trivium, then we hit into a blast beat section that definitely draws from a more black metal vibe, then it drops straight way into a more groove part as do the vocals, where they were definitely more high pitch in scream they drop down a good bit, a really great use of a cleaner vocal chorus line behind the main vocal, also really nice to hear a snare drum sound like a snare, you can hear the wood of it, not just a sample replaced trigger kit! I love the transitions between sections, really good songwriting, lots of changes but no drop in the flow of the song, loads of little parts to listen to vocally with different parts coming in around the main vocals, second chorus you would think is the same but there is a different guitar part to change it up, a sort of more atmospheric guitar part rather than a solo comes in and then the song rides out into industrial noise

Track 2 – An Ode (Knife of Erato)

Fading in with a tremolo picked guitar part, I am getting reminded of an Atheist vibe with the chord work, then we kick into a thrash tempo, nice mix again of vocals, mid’s mixed with highs and then lows, then its breaks into a slow section with the ride cymbal dragging it along with an arpeggiated guitar riff, real stomping section comes after that with a really cool heavy riff and screaming vocals, then smack, your back into the verse and the gears kick up again, you’re going to have a sore neck with this song, I love that chorus though, some really nice drum work going on in there following the guitar riffs, then it breaks into a clean guitar part before we get a middle section that has a really cool harmonized riff to it, nice solo comes in, it is a bit buried in the mix would be the only thing I would say, its buried behind the rhythm guitars put really well played solo, again into that great chorus which picks up into the end of the song with added double bass before we fade into an acoustic outro

Track 3 – We Just Want You To

Well, it’s not a track, just an ad to follow Sinnery on their platforms, would maybe have put that as a last track as it sort of splits the album up when it could have just been an end to the album

Track 4 – Share This

That intro almost reminded me of something Machine Head would do with the harmonics, think Struck a Nerve from the “More Things Change” album, there is defiantly a hardcore vibe to this one, like first album Hate Breed or a band like Integrity, straight up aggression and spat out vocals, only occasionally do we get a death growl, mostly staying up there in the high aggressive range, some nice drum work before we definitely hit a mosh section, mid-tempo ride cymbal groove and a real chugging riff, there will be people in the pit two stepping to this part for sure, very Madball! I love that dissonant part and then a near deathcore sort of riff grinds in as well, then nearly a Pantera sliding riff before the blast beats hit in for the last few seconds of the song, pure aggression, love it!

Track 5 – Serene

Quick intro and right away this is different, more of that slowish double bass grind with the harsh vocal delivery, very Cannibal riff with the diminished scales, ultimately this is absolutely slamming, but I was not expecting that chorus with the clean vocal and then trem picked ascending riff, these guys definitely have their own sound, I love the vocals and I love the use of traditional riffing with both a dissonant at times and melodic riffs, this song is so different, it’s really awesome! Then into a really cool riff that is followed by the double bass, then into the second solo of the album, again it’s really well played and lots of skill on show, but the production has it somewhat back in the mix and not as far forward as it needs to be to really cut through, then into that chorus with the mix vocals again, it’s such a good section, then there is a final riff to bring the song out, now my opinion would be end it on the scream at the end of the chorus and leave the last riff as it’s a bit disjointed compared to the rest of the song!

8 out of 10

Really good EP, lots of interesting ideas, great playing from the guys I think bar the leads being needed to be more prominent it’s a great sounding ep, if you’re a fan of Trivium, Unearth, even more of a death metal listener you’re going to find something you will enjoy, only reason it’s an 8 out of 10 is that advert in the middle of the album, should have been at the end as it killed the listen a bit right in the middle of the EP. Definitely recommended though, really enjoyed it!

In additional news, Sinnery will be touring the UK later this year with Sworn Amongst along with performing at this year’s Metal Gates Festival in Bucharest, Romania with Katatonia and Rotting Christ.

The dates for the band’s September tour are:

September 18th – The Cobbletones – Bridgewater, UK w/ Sworn Amongst

September 18th – The Cobbletones – Bridgewater, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 19th – The Black Heart – Camden, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 20th – Percy Picklebackers – Nottingham, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 21st – Fuel Rock Club – Cardiff, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 22nd – The Gryphon – Bristol, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 23rd – The Cavern – Exeter, UK w/ Sworn Amongst

September 28th – Quantic Club – Bucharest, RO – Metal Gates Festival w/ Katatonia, Rotting Christ

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