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Gig Review : Shadow Smile album launch, Saturday 16th September, Corporation Sheffield With support from Blood Stained Reputation, Ashes of Ire, and Saints Among Us

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Review by Maria Glover for MPM

Describing themselves as Taylor Momsen superfans, Blood Stained Reputation are a forcefield of energy and anarchy.

With punchy and emotionally charged tracks the audience was involuntarily drawn in. I did sense a lot of nervousness on the stage if I’m honest but give this band a few months more gigging and they will be solid.

Setlist: Devils out tonight, The flaws, Until midnight, Gaslight, Fuzzy clouds, Name in a book, One to blame, Death by rock and roll




Ashes of Ire are a new band to me and I was blown away from the get go. A little heavier than my usual taste, the Sheffield metalcore band blasted through a formidable set filled with tales of elves and Vikings! They have a talent for story telling through their lyrics and the music was incredible.

I usually prefer bands with a little less aggression and growling but I did enjoy their set immensely, as did the audience who started a moshpit.

Setlist: Lifeless, Bankai, Requiem, Ronin, Through Blackened Eyes

View their set here https://youtu.be/uCeQQ3-CgBg?si=r7G4BCvJCOWAm99F




Saints Among Us have a couple of new members since and I’m looking forward to seeing the band again. Maddy on vocals has an incredible falsetto voice and appears to have near perfect pitch throughout.

They open with ‘Hallucinations’ which is a beautiful song about mental health issues including OCD, anxiety, and depression. Her voice soars effortlessly and evokes a depth of emotion that shows this is an area the band are passionate about.

Alternative pop rock with big riffs and catchy lyrics this band make a huge impression yet again. They all have a great rapport with the audience and hold them in the palm of their hands.

This band have an extraordinary future ahead of them surely.

Setlist: Hallucinations, Falling, Heaven and Hell, God is a woman, Ashes to ashes, Run, Home



The scent of incense, blood bags hanging from the rafters, an eery red glow to the stage…it must be time for the headliners Shadow Smile. Four cloaked figures, we later find out are dancers, stand by menacingly, as they open their highly anticipated and triumphant album launch show with ‘Se7en’.

The set up is as impressive as the talent on the stage. The vocals clear and crisp, the crow enrapt, and Connor quickly develops a rapport, the suave and engaging frontman .

It’s almost an immersive experience as they move seamlessly into title track ‘Signed in Blood’. As part of the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins, ‘Signed In Blood’ is written from the perspective of Mephistopheles. In fact, guitarist Adam Smith features the sins proudly on his shirt tonight. Whether you buy into the concept or not it’s a formidable track.

At some point, I was so wrapped up in the show that I cannot pinpoint, the dancers throw off their robes and begin their part, which only adds to the already impressive stageshow. In fact, writing this review was difficult as I forgot to take many notes! I just put my pen away and enjoyed the set. I feel like I’m plunged into a Bella Lugosi film.

Dulcet vocals are punctured with screams and growls, anthemic riffs with technically impressive guitar solos, as they flirt with hard rock, metalcore, goth, and even a little 80s electronic influence.

The dancers come and go, the lights fade from red to purple, to green, Adam has a wardrobe change, but the atmosphere remains electric, the movielike show captivating, and the music simply incredible.

This is a hell of a debut and a launch show that would be difficult to match.

Standouts for me is ‘Marionette’ and ‘Hellbound Heart’ – wow.

The crowdfunded debut album ‘Signed In Blood’ was released on August 18 and is available on all the usual platforms.

Setlist: Se7en, Signed in Blood, Hellbound, Our Morality, Before Every Fall, Take What You Can, The Devil Makes Work for Idle Hands, World in My Way, Suck the World Dry

Encore: Marionette, Safe, Digital God, Nameless

Vocals – Connor Byron McGovern

Guitars – Adam Smith

Drums – Joe Fletcher, and 

Bass – Ethan Goebel-Todd




Photography by Mal Whichelow

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