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Miruthan: Released New Single ‘Aristotle’s Lyceum’ 

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Miruthan Emerge From Twisted Folklore With Dark Music and Theatrical Visuals.

Miruthan is not just a band, but a haunting apocalyptic tale of survival and villainy. The masked and cloaked members are rumoured to be survivors of a future plagued by zombies. With a focus on black metal and death metal, their music is an extension of the dark story surrounding them.

Each band member has embraced a stage moniker and while their true identities are likely to never be revealed it is true that they each have extensive experience in the music industry, having toured with various bands before the formation of Miruthan.

There are eight members in total that comprise the mythology of Miruthan.

At the head of the Miruthan story, handling songwriting, guitar and Sprechgesang vocals is Nzambi Mapungu, also known as “The Zombie God”.

Mvumbi, “The Ghost”, is responsible for chief vocals, providing a haunting voice that could only be conjured up by one who has crossed the dark side and transitioned into a zombie.

Baron Bokor and Bakongo Bokor provide screaming voices, while Houngan, “The Priestess”, provides intricate guitar solos and soul-capturing melodies.

Nu Mpemba and Kingongo Tombi provide the heartbeat of Miruthan, the keepers of the rhythm on bass and drums respectively.

Mambo Konesan works behind the scenes, managing lighting and costume, ensuring that the Miruthan rituals are on track and correctly presented.

Mithuran immerse their audiences into a world of horror and dark fantasy, with the theatrical elements of their costumes, and the characters they embrace, being as vital to the experience as their musical compositions.

An extraordinary and immersive experience is certain when you cross paths with Miruthan; You will be drawn into their post-apocalyptic world of zombies, villains and survival, and carried away by their folklore as they push the boundaries of storytelling in music with their brand of black and death metal.

Aristotle’s Lyceum is the most recent chapter in the tale of Miruthan.

Stream the Single here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0VF4Wdwbs1tlPAqZpRUG6p

This chronicle was released on September 8 and is a fragment of the bigger story that is to be told through the band’s upcoming album.

Aristotle’s Lyceum is the tale of the sanctuary claimed by the enigmatic assembly that is Miruthan. Taking control of the camp, commandeering the tents and transforming the makeshift Lyceum into their own haven, their mission was not one of conquest; it was one of necessity. For every step they took in this vast wilderness, they aimed to secure a future not just for themselves but for all who would come after.

As Miruthan paint a vivid picture of a dark and extraordinary world with Aristotle’s Lyceum, they lead us toward an entire realm of mystery with the impending release of their studio album and upcoming live performances.

For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth and Ghost, Miruthan are guaranteed to lure you into their dynamic and mesmerizing environment.

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