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Album Review : Oni – The Silver Line

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Review by Richard Henry for MPM

Here we are with album number three from Jake Oni and his one-member band Oni, calling in several musicians to round off the album! Let’s see what this album has instore for us!

Track 1 – Silhouette – An almost sampled feel starts this one, before it really drops in, very Monuments sounding start, then we hit the verse, and it drops down again, before it builds up and then leads us into the chorus. Very much in a metalcore vein this one, with the quiet verse loud chorus, slightly heavier verse 2 and chorus, nice solo comes in, short solo though, before we hit into the chorus again, nice production as well, everything sounds crisp and well balanced

Track 2 – Spark – Almost a radio rock style vocal intro to this before the wall of guitars hit before, same as last song, quiet verse before it comes in halfway through and starts to get a but heavier before we hit the chorus again, riff after into the second verse, which breaks into an electronic part, but really sort of takes the heaviness away from the track? Like that middle section, more of a Djent or Deathcore sort of breakdown part, again its over so fast before we break into a quieter part and then the wall of vocals come in for the chorus, very radio friendly sort of track

Track 3 – Underneath My Skin – Synth type intro and a wee bit more pace to the start of this one, but again it just breaks into a quieter verse, heavy chorus, track three and they have all had the same formula as the two before it, female vocalist in verse two then it stops for a softer section before picking up again for the chorus part, his voice on this reminds me of Corey Taylors in some of the more spoken parts, these songs are really there for the chorus parts, that’s what will stick out for you in most of these.

Track 4 – Silence in a Room of Lies – Now that’s more like it, heavy from the start with the intro into that main riff, yet again there is the break with no drums for the verse, before we hit into the chorus where the drums and the whole band come in, I like the fact this one is heavier vocally, it really suits it and is a nice change to the clean vocals on every chorus, nice solo from Jared Dines on this one, not only is the playing great but it serves to have a bit of variation in the song, then we have a quiet section and into the chorus again, that heavy riff that starts and ends the song is excellent but is there far too short of a time!

Track 5 – Cyanide – Bit more heft in the start of the this and some really nice drumming behind the riff, yet again, then it drops into a synthy verse before we hit a heavier section that leads straight into the chorus, so far this is the best track on the album so far, keeping more aggression and blending it with the cleaner parts, there are some great parts on this one, but at this point you already know what the song is going to do and that’s the issue so far!

Track 6 – The Dread – Now that’s a banger of a riff at the start of this one, and it keeps going into the verse, keeping the momentum and aggression, then when the next part comes in its more simplistic riff but keeps driving and then hits a great chorus, verse two keeps it driving, this one really does it for me, it’s got the catchy elements but doesn’t lack the heaviness, when it does break down in the middle it’s the perfect place, then a breakdown hits before we get another synth break before we hit the heaviness again for the chorus, this is the song for me, best one so far!

Track 7 – Aura – Nice riff to start this one, I like that dirty bass tone on the verse with the clean vocals before it picks up with the aggression in the vocals and the instrumentation, great chorus again but that’s been the case every chorus. Verse two we get to hear Mr. Howard Jones come in and add his distinctive vocal, you could hear him a mile off, nice hearing the harmonies on chorus two, that half time in the middle is cool with the riff just sliding and dragging, again nice harmonies on the next chorus, good track!

Track 8 – The Contortionist – Yes, heavy from the start, aggressive, vocally and instrumentation wise, love that verse, it lists the chorus up when it hits in with the wall of cleaner vocals, that riff is an absolute banger though, heavy Djent/Progressive Metal element to this one, I like that little guitar part that starts in the chorus and leads through to drive into the next section as it builds up into a really nice solo, I love this track, much like the Dread it has the balance completely right and has enough variation in the section to make it stand out!

Track 9 – Burns my Soul – Almost SOS sort of trippy part at the start of this before the drums and a nice slidy guitar riff hit in, this has a pure metalcore vibe to it in the verse before you get a synth part that leads into the chorus which has some nice vocals and harmonies in it. That’s a huge chorus and a massive track to finish off the album in style.

7 out of 10

The songs if you heard them on their own and not on an album are all excellent songs, well played, produced and catchy, on an album they are really samey, there are some really stand out tracks on here, and I am bearing that in mind with the score, it’s totally worth a listen, I enjoyed it, but not sure I would go back for a second listen, anyway go listen for yourself and see what you think?

Pre-order the new album from ONI, The Silver Line – https://oni.t.os.fan/oni/thesilverline

Website: https://onimusic.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoniband

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOniBand

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_oniofficial

Fan page: https://oni.t.os.fan/oni/oniaura

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