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KVELERTAK release short film ‘Morild’ 

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Hot on the heels of releasing their brand new album Endling, Norwegians KVELERTAK have shared the 13-minute short film, Morilddirected by Fredrik S. Hana.

Hana comments, “’Morild’ marks my 4th music video for Kvelertak, starting all the way back with ‘Mjød’ in 2010, followed by ‘Månelyst’ in 2013 and ‘1985’ in 2016. I truly cherish this collaboration and the creative space they offer. It inspires me to aim high and push boundaries.

With this ‘Morild’, which exists somewhere between a music video and a short film, I wanted to give it my all. We spent over 6 months shooting the thing, painstakingly making everything by hand, from stop-motion animation to miniature work and practical effects. 

I hope the Kvelertak fans get a kick out of it and can appreciate the love (and blood and tears) we put into it.” 

KVELERTAK guitarist Vidar Landa adds, “You can watch ‘Morild’ as one continuous explosive journey of visual eye-candy, not one single frame is repeated, bathed in Fredrik’s beautiful, dark and violent imagery inspired by Kvelertak’s music.

Or look for and interpret the lyrical themes surrounding our newest album ‘Endling’: man vs nature, local folklore, greed, and the inevitable death of everything we know. Enjoy!”

Watch it here or by clicking below.

Thematically, the album Endling continues on the path of 2020’s critically acclaimed Splid by delving further into local lore and legend. Vidar sums it up best, stating “On Endling, we tell the stories of the extinct and dying men and women of Norway.

Old and new myths, culture, and rituals come to life — the folklore that doesn’t fit a TV series concept. Vikings and trolls are for television. This is the real deal.”

What the media said about Endling:

KERRANG! – “It’s not that they have metal, punk, hardcore, grandstanding choruses, brutality, sass, giant riffs, winking Thin Lizzy bits, the caveman cleverness of Mastodon and the eyebrow-waggling rock’n’roll strut of Turbonegro in the palette; it’s how they dance between them all without you even noticing what they’re doing. It’s not a jigsaw of sounds, it’s one complete thing. In this, Endling is a genius work.”

METAL HAMMER – “Kvelertak’s Endling is another thrilling reminder of why they’re one of modern metal’s most unique and riotously entertaining bands.”

ALL MUSIC – “Kvelertak touch on a variety of sonic hallmarks from cocky thrash punk (“Motsols”) and chunky NWOBHM (“Likvoke”) to abrasive folk metal (“Døgeniktens Kvad”), all played with crackling anxious abandon…. While there is much to love about Endling (including its title track), Kvelertak have made an instant classic in “Skoggangr,” a black and roll banger that is as infectious as it is rowdy.” 

TICKETMASTER – “For a band already famed within heavy music circles for their constant evolution, Kvelertak are at their most confident and creative form to date on Endling. The six-piece’s skill for universal storytelling bleeds into every note they play, further proving themselves as a collective of some of the most talented musicians in their scene. Endling ushers in a new era of rock ‘n’ roll escapism.”

THE RAZOR’S EDGE – “Kvelertak have drawn on local inspiration to influence their creativity and produce an album of the year contender. At times dark, at times abrasive, at times filled with classic rock anthems, but always entertaining.”

MUSICPEDIA OF METAL – “Endling is an album that you’ll want to throw yourself around to, but if you look deeper you’ll find songs about some, bewitching folklore and historical legends of their native land… Kvelertak have defined themselves as sort of their own genre; with a couple of bands following in their mixed up footsteps, Endling shows that the originals are still the best.”

BLABBERMOUTH – “‘Endling’ begins, continues, and ends with even more confidence and class than its predecessor…. The results rock stupidly hard, as we should have expected. “

METAL INJECTION – “These Norwegian rockers again present us with a record that is heavy, groovy, and just downright fun. ‘Endling’ will get your attention from the opening note and hold it all the way through… Kvelertak fans will love this record without any doubt. At the same time, if you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you’re really missing out.


Krøterveg Te Helvete”
Døgeniktens Kvad”
Paranoia 297″
Svart September”



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