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Nun sex cult Dogma release new single ‘Carnal Liberation’ via MNRK

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Faithful truth seekers Dogma have announced the release their debut self-titled album on 17th November via MNRK Heavy, and are streaming their new single and video ‘Carnal Liberation’.

Watch the video below.

Stream the single here: https://ffm.to/carnalliberation

The powerful musical narrative of ‘Carnal Liberation’ delves deep into the human psyche. It’s the seventh chapter of Dogma‘s gospel, and it resonates with the essence of personal transformation and empowerment. The song urges listeners to embrace challenges and obstacles as stepping stones towards self-discovery and growth. It’s a testament to their belief that, no matter the difficulties we face, we can always harness them as a source of strength and liberation. This track serves as a powerful reminder that life’s trials can be the catalysts for one’s  evolution, turning adversity into opportunity.

LilithDogma‘s fearless frontwoman, had this to say about ‘Carnal Liberation’: “This song is a visceral journey, right on the precipice of our grand evolution. The intense riffs, relentless pace, and hypnotic guitar solo in ‘Carnal Liberation’ mirror the raw energy of confronting life’s challenges head-on. It’s a reminder that the path to true liberation often leads through the crucible of life’s trials. Embrace them, and you’ll emerge stronger, closer to your ultimate evolution.

Dogma beckon us to embrace rebellion and unleash our carnal desires. They cast aside the chains of modesty, conjuring a tempest of sensuality that demands unwavering attention and passionate participation.

Be prepared, for this revelation serves as a harbinger of the impending unveiling of Dogma‘s forthcoming album. As they forge their sonic arsenal in the crucible of creative passion, they challenge conventions and summon the faithful to join their unyielding crusade.

Indulge in the auditory and visual splendor offered by the sisterhood, unraveling the enigma that is Dogma.

For fans of: Kiss, The Pretty Wreckless, Alice Cooper, In This Moment

Track listing:

1. Forbidden Zone
2. Feel The Zeal
3. My First Peak
4. Made Her Minde
5. Carnal Liberation
6. Free Yourself
7. Bare to the Bones
8. Make Us Proud
9. Pleasure From Pain
10. Father I Have Sinned
11. The Dark Messiah

Dogma are:
Lilith – vocals
Lamia – guitar
Nixe – bass
Abrahel – drums

Dogma online:  

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