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Rocks Off: The Unusual Hobbies of Famous Musicians

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Rock’n roll has terrorized parents and squares since the 1950s, bringing with it a heady mix of youthful energy, heavy guitars, and colorful antics both onstage and off.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that in their spare time most rockers while away the hours driving Rolls Royces into swimming pools or throwing TVs out of hotel room windows.

But in reality, many of our most celebrated rock stars have far more benign, even wholesome, hobbies. Let’s take a look at some decidedly un-rock’n roll behavior. 

Mick Jagger Loves Bingo

As the Rolling Stones frontman hits 80, fans marvel at his Dionysian energy, preening and dancing on stage like a man 50 years younger. But, despite his ability to move and shake into his 9th decade, Jagger does have a taste for more serene activities when the Stones aren’t touring. Bingo is one of his passions — he’s rumored to throw huge bingo all-nighters in his mansion, although these are probably devoid of the debauchery synonymous with the Stones’ heyday, given that Jagger is a fitness fanatic. 

While this may seem a terminally uncool pursuit for a rock icon, it’s worth noting that bingo is making a big comeback at the moment, drawing in a whole new demographic of players, particularly online. There are plenty of operators out there with a wide variety of bingo games, and plenty of bingo promotions on offer to help new players get going. 

Some dubious trivia for you —  the bingo call for the number one is “Kelly’s Eye”, a reference to Australian outlaw Ned Kelly who Jagger played in the film of the same name. 

Alice Cooper: Golf Fanatic

The original shock rocker, Alice Cooper became an American boogieman for his theatrical and highly macabre performances. But when he wasn’t terrifying middle America with his on-stage electric chairs, gothic torture routines, and (staged) animal abuse, Cooper was honing his talents on the putting green. Yes, the Hollywood Vampires frontman is an avid golfer, and credits the sport as helping him step away from the unhealthy lifestyle of a famous rock star. 

Such is Cooper’s golfing prowess, he has competed in numerous pro-am competitions and does a round six days a week, off a handicap of two. He even referenced the sport in the title of his 2007 autobiography, Alice Cooper: Golf Monster, a testament to just how important a factor it has become in his life. School may be out for summer, but golf is in forever. 

Cuddly Cannibal 

Cannibal Corpse is one of the most successful and well-known death metal bands on earth, having released 15 studio albums to date, and achieving worldwide sales of two million. The band’s use of full-on horror movie imagery in their song titles and lyrics has been the subject of controversy throughout their 25-year career. 

With such a macabre and transgressive image and extreme musical aesthetic on show, you might be surprised to learn that frontman George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher — possessor of a demonic, guttural voice and tree-trunk neck — is usually found down at his local Tampa mall playing on claw grabber games. His Instagram account is the model of wholesome-ness, and he seemingly wins cuddly toys in their hundreds, which are then donated to local children’s hospitals. The ‘grinder is kinder than his image suggests. 

These are just a few examples — from Neil Young and Rod Stewart playing with model railways to Terminator X of Public Enemy farming ostriches, our music stars’ hobbies offstage can be completely at odds with our expectations. Just don’t ask Keith Richards what he does at home. 

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