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Album Review : C Bone – North Sea Breeze

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Reviewed by Taf Rock for MPM

C Bone. A name I had not come across until this CD popped through my letterbox. Based in the south west of England C Bone describes himself as a beach blues busker/festival funkster.

He’s a busy man – playing over 200 shows in 2022 alone – and released this debut North Sea Breeze album earlier this year via APM Records.

What we have before us is a twelve track self produced album (in conjunction with Andrew Doc Collins) which ventures across an incredibly broad spectrum of musical styles. You will find shades of funk, blues, rock, R&B, even jazz amongst the 42 minutes of this very enjoyable debut album.

Joining C Bone (lead guitar/vocals) on this album are Vince Lee (rhythm guitar/double bass), bassists Jim Galvin and Dr Funk, John Smith on harmonica, Pete Nicholls and Sebastian Boleslawski on drums, Summer Bright and Dan Hillman on sax. Nichola Rey supplies backing vocals.

NORTH SEA BREEZE – the tide gently swashing ashore gives way to the sound of a wonderful double bass before C Bone’s guitar announces its arrival. ‘I do believe that I Iet you down … I mistreated you baby’ – a typical blues opening vocal. Impressive harmonica from John Smith throughout this lively blues shuffle opener.

SINCE SHE WAS 22 – We continue in a similar rock ‘n’ roll style but up the pace considerably. Further upright bass is accompanied by harmonica and sax. The dancers will love this track. 

I’VE GOT TO KNOW – A substantial change of style as we take a breather with a slow blues. Opening with sweet guitar from C Bone. His vocal suiting this style of song so well. Mid-track C Bone treats us to a wonderous lengthy lead guitar break that deserves a round of applause at its conclusion.

COMIN’ ON THROUGH – As the vocal calls out ‘stay with you mamma’ classy sax answers back during this jumped up rock n roll tune.

THREE SWEET KISSES – A lively jazz like opening. Double bass to the fore once again throughout this upbeat and infectious number which features a lengthy impressive guitar break from C Bone.

THE STEALER – In contrast to the jazz of the previous number we rock out on this delightful tune. A big band sound full of sax and a solid bass riff right from the off. C Bone’s growling vocal fits this style of song like a glove as he ‘takes your breath away’. His soaring lead break like something out of a classic 80s rock tune. 

The latest single to be taken from the album is I’M GOING – Double bass, harmonica, and sax fill the air for an intense rock ‘n’ roll fuelled song during which C Bone erupts into an almighty blues rock style guitar break.

If you manage to stay sitting during the next crazy energy filled rockabilly number then you’ll find yourself in a ROCKIN’ CHAIR. A bonafide dance floor filler at gigs, the most energetic song on the album thus far.

Stay on that dancefloor and KEEP ON ROCKIN’ to this fast paced rock ‘n’ roll number. The sax and double bass helping to whip the audience into an uncontrollable frenzy. You’ll be breathless come track end especially if you try to sing along to the express train vocals whilst a mean guitar break takes no prisoners.

Just in case you’ve any energy left C Bone opens up and takes aim with a LOADED GUN and ‘just doesn’t miss’ as the band driven by a superb rhythm section break into rocky territory once again. John Smith’s harmonica an exhilarating presence throughout this track never letting up, C Bone exudes confidence with another lengthy classy energy filled guitar break. 

COME HELL OR HIGH WATER – Demonstrating C Bone’s versatility we ‘spread our wings … see how high we can reach’ in a heady morph of funk, blues and jazz. This the lead single from the album.

I WAS YOUNG – More jazz infusion opens the album’s final track. C Bone’s soul like vocal takes us back to ‘when his story began’ accompanied by tasty backing vocals courtesy of Nicola Rey. Quickening in pace the song changes style once again demonstrating rock overtones. This final track a microcosm of the album. So many different styles in one tune.

With his unique melting pot of styles providing something for everyone C Bone is certainly a name to watch. If you wish to catch C Bone live there are plenty of opportunities remaining in 2023 to catch a live gig including The Tuesday Night Music Club in Coulsdon on November 28th before he heads on down to his native territory of Cornwall to perform one of his biggest shows to date as part of Solid Entertainment’s Looe Blues Rhythm & Rock Festival at Ten Creek Holiday Park on the 1st December.

The CD can be listened to and purchased via Bandcamp https://cbone.bandcamp.com/album/north-sea-breeze

Website: https://cbonemusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cbone4

 B/w pics MUST be credited to Jam First Photography.

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