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Album Review: Dying Wish – Symptoms of Survival

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

Rose City Metalcore unit Dying Wish return with feral new album Symptoms of Survival Maniacal opening title track Symptoms of Survival serves as a sure-fire statement of intent, short, blistering, and full of fury which followed some absolute pounding drum patterns with a razor-sharp vocal delivery on Watch My Promise Die it would also be remiss of me to mention some nice subtle harmonies embedded too providing another dynamic

Easily the most well-constructed track is Starved which really brings the bands musical prowess to the forefront kicking a screaming and honestly by the time Prey For Me fires through the headphones I am all but throwing things into my gym bag to take this album with me! This one is particular has some nice sludgy undertones.

Path To Your Grave is laden with blast beats and an abundance of harmonies that underpin a level of maturity for a band so young but don’t think for a second that they’ve forgotten to add those waves of savagery as they are still very much present, then I am completely taken aback by the tone of serene nature of Paved Of Sorrow – the two songs are stark opposites but gel so well together.

Tongues of Lead brings the album back to a skull pounding level with some huge guitar parts and when you line this up with Kiss of Judas and Hell’s Final Blessing it’s undeniable that in this trio of songs alone that Dying Wish certainly have one hell of a commanding presence.

Penultimate track for me largely feels like a Kittie tack which is no means a disservice as they are a band, I am huge fan off and still listen to and should hopefully come across that this is an album I have genuinely become more of a fan of as the album has stamped along with a snarl.

Concluding offering Lost In The Fall is one final collective piece of aggression and rebellion that ends with a beautiful melodic tone really wrapping up the album nicely.

Symptoms of Survival” track-listing:

01. Symptoms of Survival
02. Watch My Promise Die    
03. Starved    
04. Prey For Me    
05. Path To Your Grave    
06. Paved In Sorrow    
07. Tongues of Lead   
08. Kiss of Judas    
09. Hell’s Final Blessing    
10. Torn From Your Silhouette   
11. Lost In The Fall


Pedro Carrillo – Guitars

Sam Reynolds – Guitars bassist

Andrew Le – Bass

Jeff Yambra – Drums

Emma Boster – Vocals





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