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Album Review: Green Lung – This Heathen Land

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

Green Lung return with an abundance of folk horror inspiration for their latest soundtrack esque off This Heathen Land

The albums synthesised laden spoken word introduction not only manages to immediately conjure up an image of 70’s occult movies but also perfectly sets the tone and aesthetic for the rest of the album this is all but confirmed with the albums blistering organ dominant track The Forest Church

Even with its upbeat nature there is a subtle Sabbathian twist to Mountain Throne, there are also a plethora of influences that sweep through and for me Templar’s falsetto sways with swirling guitar solos make this a certain highlight before the fuzz of dominant basslines and organs ring through on easily my favourite track lyrically and musically Maxine for me this hands down encompasses everything I adore about this band.

One For Sorrow brings back a sinister nature to album with slow riffs and chiming bells, easily the albums most atmospheric from an aural perspective – it manages to translate its understated grandiose incredibly well, this is complimented very nicely with the pagan led Song Of The Stones

Bringing with an element of prog rock with is The Ancient Ways which highlights this collective’s maturity as sculptures of musical soundscapes, very much feels like the albums most experimental track pulling the past into the present.

Hunters In The Sky forges once again highlights templar’s vocal range which captivates whilst managing to effortlessly deliver the narrative of the album and well, you all need to turn all the lights off and enjoy those guitar and organ pieces and they are divine.

It was incredibly important to us that the sound of the album cohered with the imagery and themes, which is why we spent so long painstakingly recreating the sort of synthscapes that soundtracked the weird, haunting vintage TV documentaries that the album draws inspiration from” Guitarist Scott Black.

Concluding track Oceans Of Time starts off incredibly reminiscent of the albums intro with its swirling nature but transforms in something incredibly majestic which quite honestly has me in awe, there have been very few albums that have managed to capture an environment so perfectly to cause literal goosebumps and my word This Heathen Land is one I will venture going forth for a very long time indeed.

“This Heathen Land” track-listing:

  1. The Forest Church Intro
  2. The Forest Church
  3. Mountain Throne
  4. Maxine
  5. One For Sorrow
  6. Song Of The Stones
  7. The Ancient Ways
  8. Hunters In The Sky
  9. Oceans Of Time


Tom Templar – Vocals

Matt Wiseman – Drums

Scott Black – Guitar

John Wright – Organ

Joseph Ghast – Bass






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