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Gig Review : Nothing But Thieves with support King Nun , Welcome To The DCC Tour The Telegraph Building Belfast

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On a chilly evening in Belfast, the iconic Telegraph Building played host to an unforgettable night of music as British alt-rock sensation Nothing But Thieves took the stage in front of a sold-out crowd, in tow this evening are London’s King Nun, Marshall Record’s darlings they have been making waves over the past few years and with their sophomore album ‘Lamb’ that dropped at the end of September, so it will be great to get the full-on, in your face experience and see why these guys are so highly regarded.

When two powerhouse alt-rock bands share a stage, you can expect nothing short of an electrifying musical experience. Such was the case when London’s own King Nun joined Nothing But Thieves on their UK tour, bringing their unique brand of energetic and edgy alt-rock to Belfast’s iconic Telegraph Building. As the opening act for the headlining act, King Nun set the stage on fire, delivering a shock and awe performance that left the audience in fine form ready for the mighty Nothing But Thieves.

From the moment King Nun stepped onto the stage, it was clear that they were there to make a blistering impact. The quartet, consisting of frontman Theo Polyzoides, guitarist James Upton, bassist Nathan Gane, and drummer Caius Stockley-Young, unleashed a sonic onslaught that reverberated through the venue. Their high-octane performance was a perfect precursor to the main event, with every riff and drumbeat leaving the audience feeling it through their bones.

Frontman Theo Polyzoides (like a freshly uncaged animal) commanded the stage with a charismatic presence that captivated the crowd. His raw energy and dynamic stage antics brought an intensity that fueled the band’s performance. From the punk-infused tracks to the anthemic huge-sounding numbers, King Nun’s setlist showcased their versatility and ability to seamlessly blend aggression with melody.

As an opening act, King Nun used the opportunity to offer a taste of their highly regarded sophomore album ‘Lamb’. The Telegraph Building served as the canvas to showcase both old and new music, giving the Belfast audience an exclusive taste of the band’s evolving sound. The new material seamlessly integrated with their established hits, creating a cohesive and engaging setlist.

Frontman Theo Polyzoides screams into the mic, “We Are King Nun, And This is Our Fucking Music”, what more can you say, they engaged and demanded the attention of the audience, creating a sense of camaraderie that endeared them to Belfast fans. A raw feel, passionate and edgy, King Nun will no doubt have won over an army of fans tonight, their performance at The Telegraph Building was more than just an opening act; it was a testament to the band’s prowess and potential. As they warmed up the stage for Nothing But Thieves, King Nun made their mark on the Belfast audience. King Nun’s set was not just an opening act but a visceral experience that showcased the depth and dynamism of London’s thriving alt-rock scene.


Theo Polyzoides – vocals and guitar, James Upton – guitar, Nathan Gane – bass, Caius Stockley-Young – drums, Ethan Stockley-Young – bass VI and percussion

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The Telegraph Building, a historic venue with a gritty and industrial aesthetic, provided the perfect backdrop for Nothing But Thieves’ electric performance. The sold-out show added to the already palpable anticipation in the air, as fans eagerly awaited the band’s arrival on stage. Abba blaring across the PA grabs the fan’s attention, As the lights dimmed and the crowd erupted into cheers, the anticipation reached its peak. Nothing But Thieves wasted no time, launching into their set with an explosive energy that immediately shook the building. The opening chords of their hit single “Welcome To The DCC” reverberated through the venue, setting the tone for a night of musical brilliance.

Conor Mason, the lead vocalist of Nothing But Thieves, showcased his vocal prowess from the first note to the last. His ability to convey raw emotion through his voice added a layer of intensity to the live performance, leaving the audience hanging on to every word. Whether belting out anthems like “Sorry” or delivering the hauntingly beautiful “Impossible” Mason’s vocals were nothing short of mesmerizing.

The band’s technical proficiency was on full display, with guitarist Dom Craik, bassist Philip Blake, and drummer James Price creating a sonic tapestry that enveloped the venue. The chemistry between the band members was evident, as they seamlessly navigated the peaks and valleys of their diverse discography showcasing the band’s ability to seamlessly blend alternative rock with elements of indie and electronica.

Nothing But Thieves engaged with the audience, creating a sense of intimacy that transcended the size of the venue. Between songs, Conor Mason shared anecdotes and interacted with the crowd, fans came from far and wide to take in the show, one young girl from Ital holding up a sign hoping to share a special moment with her favourite band.

The production value of the show added another layer to the overall experience. A dynamic light show matched the music, creating a visual spectacle that enhanced the emotional impact of each song. The juxtaposition of vibrant colours and moody shadows added depth to the performance, magnifying the atmospheric nature of Nothing But Thieves’ music.

As the final chords reverberated through The Telegraph Building, it was evident that Nothing But Thieves had delivered a live performance for all to remember. The sold-out show in Belfast solidified the band’s reputation as a tour de force in the alt-rock scene. From Conor Mason’s soul-stirring vocals to the band’s impeccable technical execution, from start to finish the band crafted a set to create a night that will linger in the memories of fans for years to come. Nothing But Thieves delivered a beautiful immersive experience that their Belfast fans craved to see, leaving The Telegraph Building stepping out into the cold Autum evening in awe of their undeniable live prowess.

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Review & Photos: Mark McGrogan

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