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Gig Review : QOTSA 3Arena Dublin

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The Queens of The Stone Age have been touring Europe with their The End is Nero Tour and ended their run playing in Dublin’s 3Arena on 22nd November. The atmosphere was building as the eager concert goers began filling the arena with anticipation.

Deep Tan, a three piece from London opened the proceedings with the lead singer informing the audience after a few songs, that the Bass Player was from Dublin.

The Chats a high octane three piece band from Australia, the second support band of the night, got the crowd raring to go with their succinct Punky energetic tunes. Already the crowd was engaging in pockets of mosh pits, eagerly awaiting the start of the main act.

When QOTSA finally hit the stage at 8.55pm the crowd had filled the Arena and the anticipation was palpable. The stoner rock band launched into No One Knows and the crowd erupted. Joshua Homme charmed the crowd stating “It’s been a wonderful tour, but this is a special night”.

The band then enthralled the enamoured audience with a mix of songs from their eight album career including: The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret followed by Smooth Sailing. The crowd were swaying, singing and bouncing along to the enigmatic groove of the band who were clearly loving playing every bit as much. There were even the occasional crowd surfers passing overhead as the crowd relished every beat.

Pockets of respectful moshers began to open up throughout the crowd. Emotion Sickness was the first track played from the new album and the crowd chanted along. Josh chatted throughout the set and even chatted to a female fan about her fluffy toy cat asking was it Garfield. The toy eventually made it up to the stage were it was offered a beer and a suggestive motion by Josh which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

He also drew attention to a talented 13yr old interviewer called Logan who was standing in the front row of the seated area. Logan stood proud and waved back and the crowd erupted with cheers when Josh announced that Logan was the future of interviewers.

Burn The Witch was an audience choice followed by a string of songs which kept the atmosphere electric and the fans dancing and singing along with Josh and the band. The band, which consisted of Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen (APC, EODM), Jon Theodore (Mars Volta), Michael Shuman (Mini Mansions) and Dean Fertita (EODM), played flawlessly accompanied by a triangular light display and video feed.

Josh introduced I sat by the Ocean as a tribute to Shane McGowan who has been unwell in hospital this year. Citing “When we the Poet’s are gone, you’re left with a bunch of C**NTS. I think some poet said that one time”. The crowd applauded the sentiment in solidarity with Josh.

Make it Wit Chu a tribute to support bands Deep Tan and The Chats had the crowd swaying and singing along with Josh as the Elvis-hipped seducer smoked a cigarette.

For the encore Josh made a poignant tribute to former band member Mark Lanegan who unfortunately passed away last year. Josh informed the empathetic audience that Mark had moved to Ireland to live as that’s where he needed to be. QOTSA then launched into In The Fade which Lanagan had sang vocals on Rated R.

The remaining three songs saw more mosh pits opening throughout the standing area as the audience were relishing the remainder of the set. A Song for the dead saw the arena erupt along to Theodore’s outstanding drum solo and Van Leeuwens guitar riffs. As the evening drew to a close an energised audience left the Arena more than satisfied with yet again another outstanding show from Queens of The Stone Age.

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