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Gig Review : The Inspector Cluzo: A Blazing Blues Rock Duo Takes Belfast by Storm on the ‘Running a Family Farm Tour’

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Review by Mark McGrogan for MPM

In the heart of Belfast’s vibrant music scene, The Limelight venue recently played host to a dynamic performance by the French blues rock duo, The Inspector Cluzo.

Known for their electrifying live shows and distinctive sound, the duo brought their unique blend of blues, rock, and funk to captivated audiences as part of their ‘Running a Family Farm Tour.’ Comprising Laurent (Guitar, Lead Vocal) and Mathieu (Drums).

The Inspector Cluzo has been making waves in the music industry with their energetic performances and genre-defying sound. Hailing from Gascony in the southwest of France, the duo has garnered a reputation for their raw, honest approach to music and their ability to create a powerful sonic experience on stage.

The ‘Running a Family Farm Tour’ is not just a catchy name; it reflects the duo’s commitment to authenticity and their roots. In addition to their musical pursuits, both Lacrouts and Jourdain are actively involved in running their family farm in Gascony.

This tour, in essence, becomes a journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional rock tours, allowing fans to connect with the duo on a personal level. As The Inspector Cluzo took the stage at The Limelight, the crowd could feel the anticipation in the air.

The venue, known for its intimate setting and excellent acoustics, provided the perfect backdrop for the duo’s high-octane performance. From the first note, it was evident that the audience was in for a night of musical intensity and unbridled energy.

The duo kicked off their set with tracks from their latest album, Horizon,’ which showcases their evolution as musicians. The Limelight echoed with the gritty guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats that define The Inspector Cluzo’s signature sound.

The duo had the audience on their feet, grooving to the infectious rhythms. What sets The Inspector Cluzo apart is their ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. Between songs, Laurent and Mathieu shared anecdotes about their life on the family farm, giving fans a glimpse into the inspiration behind their music.

This interaction created a sense of camaraderie, turning the concert into an intimate gathering rather than a typical rock show. The duo’s live performance is not just about the music; it’s a visual spectacle as well. Lacrouts’s guitar mastery and Jourdain’s drumming prowess are complemented by their animated stage presence.

The Limelight’s lighting setup accentuated the highs and lows of their performance, creating a multisensory experience that left a lasting impression on the Belfast audience.

The Inspector Cluzo’s ‘Running a Family Farm Tour’ stop at Belfast’s Limelight was more than a concert; it was a celebration of music, life, and authenticity.

The duo’s ability to seamlessly blend blues, rock, and funk while maintaining a genuine connection with their audience is a testament to their artistry.

As The Inspector Cluzo continues to make waves on the global music scene, their live performances remain a must-see for those seeking an unforgettable and deeply human musical experience.

Photography by MPM

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