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Single Review : Jack J Hutchinson – Bullets

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Review by Taf Rock for MPM

‘There’s a battle to be won… take your mark … get set’.  Jack Hutchinson is at the frontline, in prime position and ready to begin his ferocious attack.

His weapons fully loaded with ammunition, with an earth shattering eruption, Jack unleashes a continuous 200 second long hail of BULLETS enough to defeat any opposition. 

Jack’s taking no prisoners, he rises up ‘with the break of the dawn’ and launches his attack. Foot to the floor, full throttle, firing on all cylinders, like a battering ram, an express train of a riff overwhelms the listener.

To win any battle requires a determined and defiant leader in charge of an army. Jack’s army consists of Phil Wilson on drums and Charlie Rachael Kay on bass. Phil’s thundering drums batter the opposition into submission whilst Charlie’s bass scythes down the last remaining strands of resistance.

‘Breathe in … let it out … alight the box … Don’t let the devil tell you a lie’. Jack’s determined vocals leading from the front as the hail of BULLETS ‘swarm around us like insects’.  Jack’s army, swelled by legions of fans, are certain to be singing this anthemic chorus together in unison at gigs across the length and breadth of Britain and further afield as Jack and the band relentlessly march into new previously unoccupied territories.

Be wise to the fools, their words can be the fuel.’ Meaningful and well intentioned lyrics, like guided missiles, hit their targets with flawless accuracy. 

‘It’s time to forget all of the tears’ as Jack unleashes his ultimate weapon and puts this battle into history with a killer guitar break. 

BULLETS is the third single from Jack’s forthcoming BATTLES album (recorded at Momentum Studios and produced/co-written by Josiah J Manning) due for release 9th February.

On the basis of this irresistible and ferocious track and that of the previous two singles – CONSTELLATIONS and DAYS ARE GONE – the flag of Jack Hutchinson shall victoriously fly high on the 9th February when BATTLES emerges for public consumption.

Defy Jack’s march to victory at your peril.

Tickets available from jackjhutchinsonmusic.com
Web: http://www.jackjhutchinsonmusic.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/JackJHutchinson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JackJHutchinsonBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackjhutchinson
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@JackJHutchinson

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