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Album Review: Therion – Leviathan III

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

Therion have returned to conclude their most recent trilogy of albums with the most nostalgic and heaviest effort to date with Leviathan III

If the albums opening tracks are anything to go by then my above statement stand without question, kicking of proceedings with operatic flair and heavier vocals of old is Ninkigal which is then followed up with sweeping melodies are harmonies on Ruler Of Tamang

Providing uplifting elements and classical elements is An Unsung Laments which is then complimented with the battling duet between Thomas Vikström and Lori Lewis. It may be one of the shorter tracks, but they have crammed a lot into a limited timescale, there is even some time subtle for some subtle organ towards the end too.

If there was ever a track that was easily quintessential Therion it would have to be Ayahuasca as over its near eight-minute duration, it is just laden with elements that the band have incorporated over 35 years blurring the lines between classical and heavy music effortlessly.

Both Baccanale and Midsommarblot move the album through the midway point with plenty of gallops and solos, something that has not been too prominent yet on this release, so their inclusion is more than a welcome addition, but do not worry as the operatic heartbeat is still there in droves.

Exploring more of the slower, ballad type is What Was Lost Shall Be Lost No More, does is sound like an ABBA song? Sure, it does, is that bad thing? No of course not – this comes from a band who do a spectacular version of Summer night City so I will let you judge for yourself.

Showing that band are still prepared to take risk and embrace newer elements is Duende – Now although I am not entirely convinced the elements work together you cannot fault the band for not resting on their laurels.

It may be a track that grows on me but for now it is the only negative section of the album. This is not entirely helped the band conclude the album with two huge tracks Nummo & Twilight Of The Gods with the latter being hugely cinematic in sound and delivery.

Just like they did with the releases in 2004 of Sirius B & Lemuria the band have managed to re-invent themselves without changing their fundamentals. Each addition to this trilogy has made me revisit older albums but for this one there has not been that need as this has everything that make the band great.

Leviathan III” Track listing.

  1. Ninkigal
  2. Ruler Of Tamang
  3. An Unsung Lament
  4. Maleficium
  5. Ayahuasca
  6. Baccanale
  7. Midsommarblot
  8. What Was Lost Shall Be Lost No More
  9. Duende
  10. Nummo
  11. Twilight Of The Gods


Christofer Johnsson – guitars and keyboards
 Sami Karppinen – drums
 Nalle “Grizzly” Påhlsson – bass
 Thomas Vikström – lead vocals
 Christian Vidal – guitar
 Lori Lewis – vocals





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