Home News Cercenatory return with the blistering Colombian death metal attack of GoreSphere! 

Cercenatory return with the blistering Colombian death metal attack of GoreSphere! 

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It’s been a long wait, seven years all told, but at last Colombia’s Cercenatory have returned from the darkness with their second album of full force, brutal death metal – GoreSphere.

Who knows what has happened to the band in the intervening years since their Swallowed By The Apocalypse debut, but judging by the warped exhortations of violence and madness, the bloody monstrosities that lurk within GoreSphere’s catacombs of sound, it was nothing good.

Rancid, rampant and beyond rational thought or understanding, Cercenatory have stepped outside the realms of reason and left the trappings of civilisation in the dust.

For decades now South American metal has been known for its ferocity and with GoreSphere Cercenatory have taken that premise to another level.

If the first single, hacked from the rotten flesh of this album, ‘Crucified, Gutted, Desecrated‘ provides an apt and accurate demonstration of the sheer savagery attained by the reanimated beasts of Cercenatory, it still only hints at the true depths of insanity to be found deeper within this crazed labyrinth of brutality.

The devilishly disfigured, dismembering wickedness of ‘Through The Deep Thoughts Of Tartarean Sadistic Cannibalism‘ and the ghastly, inhuman horrors of ‘Into The GoreSphere‘ will tear your mind and spirit into shreds, dissolving your sense of identity and reality in a blistering acid of incredible toxicity.

Cataclysmic in its intensity and utterly overwhelming in its gargantuan power, GoreSphere is the ultimate expression of brutal death metal – music delivered with a force beyond measuring.

Gathered beneath the skeletal wings of Comatose Music, Cercenatory have worked feverishly on every last detail of GoreSphere, constructing the perfect rotten monument to annihilation.

Mixed and mastered by Dave Arango to devastating effect and wrapped in the artwork of Timbul Cahyono (AvulsedDefeated SanityMassacre etc), as in a shroud of bizarre blasphemy, GoreSphere will be torn from its putrefying womb on February 16th and presented to a fearful world. Savour the last days of life before you cross the threshold, ‘Into The GoreSphere’.

Immerse yourself in the terror of GoreSphere at Slam Worldwide! First single ‘Crucified, Gutted, Desecrated’ is streaming now .

Pre-order your copy of Goresphere now!
Find out more about Cercenatory here
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