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Gig Review : Bring Me The Horizon – Bad Omens – Static Dress– 3Arena, Dublin

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Review and Photography : Stephen Brophy for MPM

Bring Me The Horizon are without a doubt riding the crest of a wave at the moment having had an awesome year in 2023, headlining a day at the Download Festival and a number of successful Tours. Tonight Dublin welcomes the band back after a crazy 13 year wait, far too long lets be honest.

Opening the show tonight are Leeds outfit Static Dress and having the word static in their name is definitely not something that’s too logical as they are anything but on the stage, especially vocalist Olli who puts everything into their short but impressive set.

The band seem to be getting plenty of attention now and it’s no surprise., they have a presence about them, a great sound and something that little bit different, as with all of the other bands tonight they may all fall under the Metalcore bandwagon, but they all have a lot more to them and have the ability to float between genres.

With a set of only 6 songs it’s not always easy to make an impression, but Static Dress do with ease, they are definitely a band to keep your eyes on, Olli’s vocals and Sam’s powerhouse drumming in particular still resonate with me now and from the set with the intense ‘Courtney, Just Relax’ getting people moving and ‘Sweet’ gnawing for space in my brain as well, looking forward to seeing them again.

Tonight’s Special Guests are US Metalcore stalwarts Bad Omens, hailing from Virginia they arrive on stage all in black wearing balaclava’s and to a thunderous welcome from the crowd, BMTH have most certainly put together a top class package that works like a dream.

Bad Omens have an immense groove, with the mix of electronics, terrific music and really wonderful vocals from Noah whether it’s the aggressive side or clean vocals that show just how good a vocalist this guy is. But in reality it’s the songs that are so well written that draw you in, everything hits you in the face or grabs you with a hook, and live they are just as good, a really tight unit that spin through their set in what seems like minutes..

Oddly enough I’m not sure if I’d want to catch them on a smaller stage, they suit an Arena so well, looking around me people are moving from the front to back and side to side, there’s lots of arms in the air, when the band asks for phone lights it’s almost immediate and the place is awash with light, maybe it’s the hypnotic element in the songs but it’s like they are pulling strings, like puppeteers.

There are no highlights in this set, the set itself is a highlight,, however ‘The Death Of Peace Of Mind’ is a stunning song, beautifully written and a joy to hear live, while ‘Dethrone’ is a punishing, crusher to close out the set. Bad Omens are brilliant, and they have to come back to headline in Ireland at some point, judging by the crowd reaction tonight they will definitely be popular. If you don’t know them go check them out, a band on top of their game. They have clearly had a great time on this Tour and tonight as they again thank BMTH for bringing them along and the crowd for a brilliant night.

Something I perhaps I wasn’t expecting so much tonight was the amount of love and the sheer connection that there is between BMTH and their fans, you can pretty much feel it all around the venue. Having decided not to stay still for the whole set wandering around the venue a little gives a better perspective of the show, the atmosphere in different spots, and it’s great to be a part of that. The front row is, and I mean no disrespect at all when I say this, almost rabid. The fans just can’t wait for the next song whatever it may be, there’s screaming, crying, flexing, everything.

This Tour is for the soon, yes soon as they mentioned a few times, to be released Post Human: NeX GEn album and they introduce plenty of tracks from the album which go down really well with the crowd. As a band the guys have grown so much, after the last time I saw them a number of years ago I expected bigger things then, but as befits many bands problems hit, but they have come back stronger more determined than ever, watch what they put into these shows and it’s obvious.

The set seems to fly along and it’s interspersed by the Video cut scenes and digital content, which for once in a show is not only on point and adding to the gig but also has a decent amount of comedy which lightens the mood too. They bring back Olli to joining them for a killer version of ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ and Noah for an equally powerful ‘Antivist’.

For me the real highlights of the show are the brilliant ‘sTraNgeRs’ from the new album, done acoustically tonight but it’s choc full of emotion, there’s plenty of aggression in Oli’s vocals too which are superb alongside an amazing hook that just shouldn’t be there, love this song, and I wasn’t the only one in the room. Set closer ‘Throne’ is, well it’s an anthem, it’s got that addictive quality and the band really do give it everything to send their fans home with hearts beating faster and a smile on their face. Running the bizarre new song ‘Lost’ into ‘Throne’ was a stroke of genius.

Having never been the biggest BMTH fan, this show has changed a lot for me, alongside a brilliant gig getting to see how much the music means to a younger generation than myself was a privilege.

What a brilliant night and a great way to start off the year, Bring Me The Horizon are a band that have breached the gap and moved from a Main Stage act at a Festival to a Headline act, with last years Download headline set being very well received.

When you see the quality of tonight’s show, from the superb Production to the music itself and the show the guys put on it’s no surprise, this has been a very successful Arena Tour and the band have promised not to leave it so long before they return, lets hope they keep that promise as shows like this must prove to them they have a large fan base in Ireland.

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