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Italian melodic death metallers The Moor release new single ‘Ombra’

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Italian prog/death metallers The Moor have released ‘Ombra’, the second single and title track from their upcoming third full-length, due 15th March via Inertial Music. 

The track, sang in the band’s native Italian language, follows initial single ‘The Overlord Disease’. The stunning music video for ‘Ombra’ was produced by Damiano Affinito and the band.Watch the music video below.

Stream the song here: https://www.themoorband.com

Pre-order Ombra here: https://www.inertial-music.com/store

‘Ombra’ embodies the essence of the album, exploring the emotional turmoil and inner struggles that accompany the creative process.

The song’s driving rhythm and soaring melodies perfectly capture the band’s signature blend of aggression and beauty, while Enrico “Ukka” Longhin‘s heartfelt lyrics delve into the depths of human resilience and the power of unity in the face of adversity.

Frontman Enrico “Ukka” Longhin comments: “The title track of the album is always a special one. ‘Ombra’ is a culmination of everything we’ve worked on for this record, a fusion of our signature sound with some new twists and orchestral turns. It’s a song that will take you on a journey through the darkness and light of our music, all in our native language.”

By nature, ‘Ombra’ suggests that the music’s emotive power goes beyond language, ensuring that the essence and emotions conveyed can be appreciated and felt by all listeners, regardless of their proficiency in Italian. At Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Fredrik Nordström meticulously crafted a mix that amplifies the album’s depth and raw emotion, promising an auditory experience that resonates with the album’s themes.

Complementing the release is visionary artwork by Niklas Sundin, renowned for his ability to visually encapsulate the essence of musical voyages. As the album’s due date approaches, exclusive pre-order bundles will be available at the Inertial Music website, offering fans an opportunity to delve deeper into The Moor‘s sonic labyrinth.

The Moor are a progressive metal band with ever-evolving facets of sound, hailing from Venice, Italy. Since their debut release in 2012, they have distinguished themselves through their innovative, atmospheric sound, incorporating elements of progressive rock, death and thrash metal, while retaining recognisable melodies and memorable choruses.

The band has collaborated with artists such as Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil), and Björn Strid (Soilwork). The quartet is now composed of members of acts like Time and the Hunter (feat. Niklas Sundin), Folkstone, and historical underground acts like Bleed In Vain and EnsophThe Moor are set to release their highly anticipated new album, mixed and mastered at Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström (In FlamesDark TranquillityArchitectsDimmu BorgirObscura…) in early 2024. 

The Moor sound explores a mix of progressive metal, electronica, and melodic death metal influences.

Ombra track list:

1. Intro – Il Tema dell’Ombra
2. The Overlord Disease
3. Illuminant
4. Ombra
5. This River Spoke
6. Lifetime Damage
7. Withered
8. Our Tides
9. Passage
10. Vitreous
11. Thirst

The Moor are:

Enrico “Ukka” Longhin – vocals, guitars, synths
Davide Carraro – lead guitars
Massimo “KKTZ” Cocchetto – bass
Edo Sala – drums

The Moor online:

Instagram | Facebook | Website

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