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NOTURNALL: Brand New Single and Music Video by the Brazilian Legend! 

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Ah, the sense of traveling, on the road and in the air! The ease of life as a touring minstrel of the 21st century! The miles passing by like the soft breeze of your perfectly tempered air condition, while a brash little waterdrop breaks away from your fogged-up soft drink glass …

Whether this is a good moment to wake up or not is surely debatable, because this would probably mean missing out on a wealth of sincerely dreamed-of pleasures.

On the other hand, the true adventure begins on arrival, doesn’t it? It sure did for Brazilian power progsters NOTURNALL – or better for what was left of the band after a 4-day-trip of horror in order to traverse from Brazil to the first Australian show of their extensive ongoing tour.

From vanished singer to missing bass guitar to total loss of all clothes – fate really had it in for the guys this time round!

Maybe sometimes your life’s gotta turn to shit a wee bit for your own perspective to make the world shine a little more? From condoning audiences to street musicians lending you their bass to the relief that only fellows willing to share their underdaks could give you – it’s the awesome things in life that count.

Even awesomer is when your drummer gets to battle it out live on stage with a legend such as Mike Portnoy! The awesomest thing could then be to make a ritualistic habit out of this and see where it leads.

Curious? Here we go, Scream! For!! Me!!! (Live in Sao Paulo feat. Mike Portnoy) and Scream! For!! Me!!! (Live in Nova Friburgo feat. Mike Portnoy):

And while we’re on the brink of mocking the dear guys for losing their singer in the middle of a massive tour, let’s make up for it by appreciating the sheer insanity of Thiago Bianchi’s incredibly dynamic vocal range with a brand new, over the top music video of their timeless power ballad Shadows (Walking Through):

The song is also featured on the international release of their latest album Cosmic Redemption, which marked a pathway for NOTURNALL into global metal territory by the end of last year.

On the CD, 13 magnificent tracks, including features from renowned artists, such as James LaBrieMike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and others, deal with the cosmic turns the world takes – on the micro level as the struggles of individuals, as well as on the macro level in the shape of corruption and battles in society.

The term Cosmic Redemption represents the objective for each human to grow as a person and leave the world as a better place than it was. The album was written during the disruptive time of the pandemic and motivated the band members to keep going.

Speaking of going: The guys are back together and should be having a great time right now together with some of you lucky peeps – rocking the 70000TONS OF METAL cruise! These remarkable shows will be something very special, as on the ship NOTURNALL will meet and enter the stage with guitar hero Mike Orlando again, who greatly contributed to the album.

With their trip back to Brazil after the cruise, the band will close the great circle that led them lapping around the world: Brazil – Europe – Australia – USA – Brazil.

The tour may be over soon, just not for long: At least for South America, the restless band will reach out to fans very shortly with a ton of new tour dates for 2024.

In the meantime, NOTURNALL are very happy to announce that a new deal got signed with RUBICON MUSIC (Japan) to make Cosmic Redemption available on the Japanese market as well. And since the guys just can’t sit still, they will be touring Japan later this year, too!

Get Cosmic Redemption by NOTURNALL now via:

Track list CD Cosmic Redemption:

1. Try Harder
2. Reset the Game
3. Lie to You
4. Shallow Grave
5. Shadows (Walking Through) (feat. Orchestra by Michael Romeo)
6. Cosmic Redemption
7. Scream! For!! Me!!! (feat. Mike Portnoy)
8. O Tempo Não Para (feat. Ney Matogrosso)
9. Take Control (feat. David Ellefson)
10. The Great Filter
11. Never Again (Bonus Track)
12. Hey! (Live Bonus Track feat. James LaBrie)*
13. Scream! For!! Me!!! (Live Bonus Track feat. Mike Portnoy)*

*The digital Release contains bonus track Shallow Grave (Edit) instead



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