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ÆLLEVILD plays Nordic folk for children and adults on their debut album

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Many parents are probably familiar with the type of music that is unequivocally aimed at children: with bangs and lots of colours, and songs that as an adult you don’t need to hear much more than once, but which are put on repeat anyway. 

Why is it so uninspired? Can it be done in another way?

It was precisely this experience that Michael Hvolgaard Andersen from Target Group shared, and he therefore contacted violinist Laura Emilie Beck (ex-Huldre) in the spring of 2021 sharing the idea of a children’s album. A record with a touch of Nordic folk, and tracks that both children and adults could take seriously. The idea caught on and after 2.5 years of composing, ÆLLEVILD‘s debut album “Hele Dagen Lang” is now released.

“Hele Dagen Lang” contains 11 tracks with contributions from a number of talented musicians known from the Danish folk and metal scenes, including members from well-known bands such as Heilung, Huldre, etc. There are new songs written by both children and adults, old songs with new music, old melodies with new lyrics, and everything in between. There are songs about trolls, nature, feelings, and not least about the danger of going apple picking in the neighbour’s garden. That it took 2.5 years from the conception of the idea to the birth of the record is not unusual, considering the happy circumstances.

Imagine a family with children going out the door“, laughs Ambrosius Mesterton Graae, the other driving force behind Ællevild. “You have a plan A, and are almost ready to go out the door, but then someone is going to make poo and while you are making plan B, there is someone else who takes off all their clothes, and then you make a plan C falling to the ground along with the third child is tripping and hitting his head and needing a band-aid. It all works out in the end though – in a cloud of love and an appropriate amount of frustration. This was somewhat the scenario while “Hele Dagen Lang” was born“.

Families with children have been the starting point for the creation of “Hele Dagen Lang”. It was created by a father, mother, their three children, and a wonderful extended musical family, consisting of the parents’ oldest and best musical playmates.

“Hele Dagen Lang” will be released on April 12th on LP (black vinyl, limited edition) and digital formats, via Target Records.

Pre-orders are available here.

Laura Emilie Beck
Ambrosius Mesterton Graae

“Hele Dagen Lang” full contributors list:
Patrick Ajasso (Circus Mind, Sort Mekanisk Kat)
Marco Angioni: (Meridian, Street Fighter, Withering Surface)
Alvilde Mesterton Beck
Ellanor Mesterton Beck
Troels Dueholm (Huldre, Lurpakket, Auroq, Almune, Cantiamo, Domkoret, etc)
Mia Guldhammer (Virelai, Mallebrok, Grabow/Guldhammer, Mia)
Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup (Nøkken, etc) 
Bjarne Kristiansen (Huldre, Eldjudnir)
Jacob Hee Lund (Huldre, Heilung, Virelai, Auroq, Mallebrok, Eldjudnir, etc)

“Hele Dagen Lang” tracklist:

1. Dagsremse
2. Op I Fjeldet 
3. Havemand 
4. Hjertesang 
5. To Ravne 
6. Vintersang 
7. Vættefest 
8. Der Brænder En Ild
9. ToSpring 
10. Hele Dagen Lang 
11. Vuggevise 


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