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Album Review: Necrowretch – Swords of Dajjal

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

France’s purveyors of beast brandish bleakness Necrowretch return with their fifth studio album Swords of Dajjal

Swarming with an immediate air of sophistication is the album opener Ksar Al-Kufar which also brings with it an underlying brooding core wrapped around a web of blackened soundscapes, this is then followed by a severe injection of savagery and soulless delivery for the albums most blistering and unrelenting offering The Fifth Door

Dii Mauri adds an occult element which works nicely with the tracks more atmospheric elements before the dominant title track Swords of Dajjal obliterates everything previously offered with a raw and primal delivery, there are also splashes of engulfing solos that elevate this album and really fits the overall aesthetic perfectly.

Moving into the second part of the album Numidian Knowledge has a brazen and maniacal presence that embraces melody and adds a backdrop of experimentalism into mysticism which certainly gives off a biblical vibe which seems to spill into Vae Victus.

Daeva incorporates more of death metal feel early on which is then is joined by dominant basslines and a galloping nature before final offering the aptly names Total Obliteration erupts into a torrented frenzy of molten lava and for one last time the soulless eyes of Dajjal pierce through the psyche of the listener.

Necrowretch has certainly approached Swords of Dajjal more uniquely that passed releases, in the first instance writing and recording on twelve string acoustic guitars and then later changing tuning and adding distortion, the multi-instrumentalist influences are rife making this easily a standout contender for end of year lists.

A Snarling Blast of Infernal Spite

“Swords of Dajjal” Track listing.

  1. Ksar Al- Kufar
  2. The Fifth Door
  3. Dii Mauri
  4. Swords of Dajjal
  5. Numidian Knowledge
  6. Vae Victis
  7. Daeva
  8. Total Obliteration

Vlad – Vocals, Guitars
W. Cadaver – Lead Guitars
R. Cadaver (Live) – Bass
N. Destroyer – Drums




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