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Gig Review : Gama Bomb/Party Cannon/ If It Bleeds Limelight 2

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Review by Richard Henry for MPM

Well, here we go, first gig for me in 2024, and we have a triple threat match, local lads “If it Bleeds”, Scottish legends “Party Cannon” and from down the road the thrashtastic “Gama Bomb”

If It Bleeds

Local lads up first, and I believe this is their second ever show after having a quick look through the socials today, interesting band, on first listen to them tonight there is a definite deathcore type of influence, but what i can hear more is that sort of cross of UKHC, ala Knuckledust/Underrule and a cross most definitely with Madball, in fact the vocal delivery on the more hardcore parts really reminded me of Freddy singing, a band to watch for, really energetic set and a great warm up for the main acts of this evening!

Party Cannon

Now, there are a few things in life that you don’t get to see very often and you think, well I will never see that again, one of which is watching a fella riding a blow up alligator while being held up on it by four other fellas as they walk around the pit, but there ya go, that’s the kind of things you’re going to see at a Party Cannon show!

Grass Obliteration (Blazed and Confused)

Kicking off with a track from the latest album “Volumes of Vomit”, blasts to the face straight away, it’s a brutal way to kick it off, sound is awesome and really clear out the front, vocals from Stony in particular where savage and clear, when you slow down into the more slam parts it’s really gut wrenchingly heavy, it’s clear the lads are up for a good time tonight, as is the crowd, kicking right off from the first track!

Nauseating and Unpalatable

Right onto the next track from the album, slow grinding riff to the start of this with the double bass driving away, disgustingly heavy bass tone from Chris, loved it, a lot of groove to this one and the pit is starting to slam away, almost reminds me of Suffocation in some parts, when it slows in the middle that is savage, the guys demanding some action from the pit and they are certainly obliging before it kicks into the blast beats, the slower part near the end just hits hard live!

Soft White Gelatinous Body

Now the single must be seen, that’s quite the front cover, back to 2017 for this one, now that’s a riff there, savage, a deliberate slow groove, even when it kicks into the blasts it’s almost a more black metal old school blast, this is a pure slam track, now not only is there about a half dozen beach balls flying about but there is the aforementioned alligator being ridden in there, as the blast beats hit in the middle that’s when the lads where walking around with the fella on top of it, when we hit the full on blast beats at the end it’s a lot more grind in feel, musically its absolutely crushing, both Mike and Craig just flying about the neck all the while Martin is flying around that kit, then a lovely bass break before it slows right down again, savage track!

Weird, But Not Illegal

Pretty sure this song was written about what happens in the pit at a Party Cannon show, now this is a new track and it’s not released yet but the lads are unleashing it on us in the unsuspecting public, coming soon so keep your ears out for it!

We Prefer the Term Living Impaired

Last song already, now have you ever seen a room full of people doing push-ups on the floor during a gig??? Nope, well me neither until tonight, but it’s happening round me at the min, if I am right this came out on a compilation in 2013 but you can find it on 2015’s “Bong Hit Hospitalization”, straight in with the blasts on this one, before its breaks right down into a syncopated guitar and drum riff, then it slows right down, then band tempo change and back to the speed, some class riffs in this one!

I would loved to have heard a few more songs from the guys tonight, great set and the crowd loved it, hope these guys come back soon!!

Gama Bomb

I have a confession to make, I have never seen these guys before and I still don’t know how, so I am really looking forward to this!

Miami Supercops

Kicking off with a track from 2020s “Sea Savage” album, has a lovely build up and harmony guitar parts and then the main riff comes in, straight away I thought Exodus, that’s the first thing it reminded me of, love the gang vocals, lovely solo in there as well Domo right in front of me peeling, bit of speed picking and sweeping in there, great track to kick it all off!


Onto the new album “Bats” for this track, apt guitar intro for the start of this one, again it has a great build up before it launches into the main speed picked riff, bit more mid-tempo of a track, I like the way it transitions into the double bass before it breaks into the chorus part, nice songwriting, the crowd by the way are still loving all the beach balls, they are getting flung round the place and its party central still in here, I was not expecting the middle section before the solo, again great playing in there and the tempo kicks up as well over this section, i like the way the whole song change’s and flows!

Living Dead in Beverly Hills

Next song on the new album, drummer Chris has had his Weetabix this morning as that’s a serious tempo for the double kicks on this one, really reminds me of Anthrax this one, love the split vocals as well, really adds a punch to the track, Philly has a hell of a voice, never mind spitting out the thrash style vocal he has that Belladonna high range as well, great little solo in there and then back into the chorus again, short, sharp, brutal and to the point this one!

Rusted Gold

Again, leading on to the next track from the new album, bring down the tempo a wee bit of this one, I really like the groove on the verse parts then it kicks up again in the second half of the verse, before going half time in feel for the chorus, tonnes of melody in this one, again great guitar work, the pit is in full effect behind me and everyone is having a blast in here!

666 Teen

Kicking up the tempo again for this one from 2018’s “Speed Between the Lines”, Philly is off the stage and standing on the front barrier to get the crowd to sing along with the chorus on this one and a good few of them absolutely oblige the request and get stuck in, another great solo before getting into a really lovely mid-section that grinds along with a really slamming riff and some nice double bass, great track!

Sheer Khan

Back to the “Sea Savage” album for this one, great pacing of the set where this is a definite mid paced double bass driver of a track, which suits the guys behind me, two stepping through the pit, and fair play to the fella trying to climb the pole in the middle of the floor, love that tom groove under the solo, another belter of a track!

Bring out the Monster

Well, they did, Snowy the Gamabombinable Snowman came out for a brief appearance on the stage, and the pace picks up again for this one, some vocal performance on this one, Philly really has a serious range on him, love the drum groove on that chorus part, again great solo, I just realized that vocal is pure Halford!


All the way back to 2008’s “Citizen Brain for this one, real speed metal feel on this one and yet again cranking the tempo, Chris peeling off drum fills back there with ease, again I love the back and forth on the vocals, nice half time feel in the chorus with the double kicks, very Kirk sounding solo there with the open string lick, love this one, real old school feel to it!

Speed Funeral

Back to the new album, again the set is so well paced, back to a slower tempo for the start of this one and then it kicks into gear, these guys are a vicious force live but they never lose a sense of melody and I think a load of that comes from the vocals, there is carnage behind me in the pit with lots of slamming going on, bit of bar abuse in that solo, and i loved the way the tempo shifted half way through it, great songwriting, another great track!


All the way back to 2010’s “Tales from the Grave in Space”, that riff reminds me of Metallica straight away, first album era, big chorus on this one and a serious vocal performance as well, its brutal and savage but again the use if the shifting time and the vocals really work so well, great solo yet again (yeah I have said that for every one), really like that section straight after the solo!

Shes Not My Mother Todd

Now this one from the “Sea Savage” album, straight up reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies in that verse part, it switches back into a slower part and then kicks up again and changes again, for such a short song its constantly switching, loved that one!

Mussolini Mosh

Now the title straight away makes me think S.O.D or M.O.D, and I wasn’t wrong when the track kicked in, from 2010’s “Tales From”, short sweet and to the point, it’s a short track and its class!

Grace with God

Now what happens when you play a Pogues cover, well there are all sorts of attempts at dancing behind me in the pit, and fair play to the two lads doing the arm in arm spin around in the pit, they kept it going despite getting smashed a few times, cool cover to be fair!

Zombie Blood Nightmare

Back to “Citizen Brain” again, and the tempo is cranked to hell now, savage, and I believe that’s the first crowd surfer over the barrier there tonight, this one is just going to smash you around your head until it cracks your head open and feast on your brains, because it just doesn’t let up, short, sweet and savage!


From 2013’s “Terror Tapes”, the tempo is not letting up as we hurtle towards the end of the set, and for some people, hurtle into each other, love the break in the chorus where it changes tempo and adds some of the gang vocals, then when it drops into the slower middle section it’s just so good, another class solo comes ripping through, plenty of shredding and then a little bit of classic music for your enjoyment in the middle of it all, absolutely savage track!

Bats in Your Hair

Heavy double bass track from the new album, almost reminds me of “The Misfits” in the verse, but when it hits the chorus Philly does the Halford again and he’s bloody good at it to be fair, hell of a range on him, then we hit the middle and it breaks down into a proper dirty riff there and a nice tempo with the gang vocals again, and just like that the set is over!

Great night, I absolutely loved Gama Bomb and Party Cannon, it was such a good atmosphere in here and the crowd had a great night and isn’t that what you want, a cracking night of metal, roll on the next one!!

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