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Severed Angel Returns With Their Sophomore Release – “Skyward”

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Severed Angel, the New York/Pennsylvania-based melodic metal band, returns with their long-awaited sophomore release “Skyward.” After the success and acclaim of their self-titled debut album released in 2023, “Skyward” showcases the band evolving as songwriters while maintaining their original, melodic sound.

“One of the liberating things about being an independent band is that you do not have ‘yes’ men telling you what you can and cannot do,” says Severed Angel lead guitarist Lou Mavs. “At the same time, we have 5 capable musicians, songwriters, and arrangers in this band with equal input that knows what our band is all about. We care about melody, we care about structure, and we care about presentation. If we do not like the songs, we will not release them.”

Keyboardist Marc Muchnik says “we were wondering how we could top the first album. After a while, topping the first album became less of a priority, and we prioritized good songwriting and performances. In doing that, we not only completed an album to be a worthy successor to the debut – we improved on what made us Severed Angel.”

Produced and mixed by Severed Angel lead vocalist/guitarist Alex Repetti and mastered by Joel Wanasek, “Skyward” showcases the band once again taking all its influences, pouring them in the proverbial blender, and creating a new album of some of the most powerful, melodic, thrashing, and complex music of their careers.

Tyrant On The Throne,” which is the first single off “Skyward,” showcases the band’s appreciation for groove and technical proficiency.

“Not only is it the first single from the album,” says Severed Angel drummer Wayne Noon, “but it is also our first animated music video. Our friend Dusty Mulholland (aka Mandeer, bassist of Frostbite BC) wanted to animate a video that fit the song, and we were open to his ideas. It is a very entertaining video where the soundtrack of our music fits hand in hand with it.”

Regarding the video, Alex states that “Dusty had the idea to make us knights and put us in battle against a tyrannical king. Fans enjoyed the little details about it, such as the Severed Angel crest on our armor and shields. Without giving too much away, it is an entertaining concept video promoting one of the best songs of our career.”

George adds “Dusty was great to work with because he took our opinions and ideas into consideration. We appreciated how he made our animated selves look very close to our likenesses and put us in a fantastical situation. We are incredibly happy with how it turned out, and we are looking forward to working with him again in some vicinity.”

“Skyward” will be released on Friday, May 3rd, 2024, on all their streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, YouTube, and Amazon Music). You can pre-order physical copies on their website https://SeveredAngel.com starting Tuesday, February 13th.

Severed Angel are available for press by email – contact@severedangel.com.

Get ready to go “Skyward” with Severed Angel!

Severed Angel:

Alex Repetti – Vocals, Guitar
Lou Mavs – Guitar, Vocals
George Dimitri – Bass Guitar
Marc Muchnik – Keyboards
Wayne Noon – Drums

Guest Musician: Gail Bourque – vocals on “Citipati”

Track Listing:

  1. From The Inside
  2. Live Your Imagination
  3. A Perfect Disaster
  4. Skyward
  5. Life Is Here and Now
  6. Move Through The Dark
  7. Tyrant On The Throne
  8. Never Look Back
  9. Tranquility In Conflict
  10. Citipati

Produced and Mixed by Alex Repetti
mastered by Joel Wanasek

All songs written by Severed Angel

Official Website – https://SeveredAngel.com


Lou Mavs – Guitars, Severed Angel

Bandcamp: https://severedangel.bandcamp.com

Merch: TeePublic

Facebook: https://facebook.com/severedangelband

Instagram: https://facebook.com/severedangelband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/severed_angel_

TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@severedangelband

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