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Review by Emma Brown for MPM

GHØSTKID, the musical lovechild of creator Sebastian Biesler and a passion for the dark and macabre, are soon to release their new album “HOLLYWOOD SUICIDE”, which features 11 thrilling tracks of pure metal ecstasy.

GHØSTKID are already much loved, with over 10K followers on Facebook alone. The band are certainly making their mark in the metal scene with their unique look and heart-pounding music.

HOLLYWOOD SUICIDE” begins with a track of the same name, and is a powerful, punchy and tone-setting song for the rest of the album.

This first track introduces us to the impressive vocal tones of Sebastian Biesler, which continue to shine throughout the album.

The next two tracks, “S3X” and “FSU” showcase how well this band can layer instruments to create texture and colour in their music. “S3X” in particular builds to this incredibly energetic chorus with really immersive vocal layering that draws the listener into this track.

Adding to those layers, the guitars and bass have great tonality in all the songs, but they are showcased
perfectly in the albums fourth song, “HEAVY RAIN.

Throughout this album, the songwriting is phenomenal- but not for the faint of heart. With themes such as self harm, violence and abuse, it’s safe to say this album is probably best enjoyed by an adult audience.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is titled: “VALERIE”. This track has a totally different feel, creating a ghostly and haunting atmosphere, which closely relates to the band’s gothic imagery.

With heavy breathing and strained vocals, this track feels immersive, and is placed in the middle of the album, providing a break from the heaviness so we can appreciate the emotion and art in this song.

Amping it up again, “BLACK CLOUD”, “UGLY” and “BLOOD” are heavier, more existentialist tracks. The musicianship really stands out in these songs, and works harmoniously alongside the theme and genre of the album.

With pounding drums, the kind of bass you can feel in your chest and electrifying guitars, these songs each have a story to tell- but they’re going to tell it loudly.

MURDER (FT. INHUMAN)” is another track I really enjoyed and it’s great to see collaboration on this album. This track is perhaps the most aggressive, with drums that sound almost like gunshots at times. This track creates some violent and brutal imagery, adding a touch more hostility to this album.

Finally, the album ends with “DAHLIA” and “HELENA DRIVE”. The latter in particular sounds almost like a love letter, and speaks with passion and truth to close the album, telling a story of heartbreak and desperation.

My final thoughts on this album are positive. It is clear that an abundance of passion, fire and hard work went into making this album and there is wonderful songwriting and storytelling throughout.

This album is sure to be a hit with a large majority of fans and metal lovers and is honest and exposed, leaving nothing behind- and there is real integrity in that.

PREORDER NOW: https://ghostkid.lnk.to/HollywoodSuic…

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