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Album Review : CRUZH- “The Jungle Revolution

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Written By Emma Brown for MPM

CRUZH’s latest album “The Jungle Revolution” is a rebellion you’ll want to be a part of. With classic 80’s influences, upbeat sing-along choruses and blazing guitar riffs, this record has a lot to enjoy.

This album feels really wild and fun, fitting perfectly with this animalistic and feral theme that runs throughout all eleven tracks.

Kicking things off with a bang, the title track “The Jungle Revolution” invites you in, with pounding drums and high-energy guitars.

For any lovers of classic rock, this song feels like a joyride to the nostalgia of the 80’s. There were many different elements which came into play during this song, from the ambient jungle sounds at the beginning to the blazing guitar solo nearer the end, it all worked together perfectly to make this song so vibrant and powerful.

Throughout the album, I enjoyed how the band continued to keep things fresh, switching up instruments often to really showcase their versatility.

A touch of acoustic guitar here, a sprinkle of piano there, it was the perfect recipe for success, and demonstrated the high levels of skill and talent that CRUZH has to offer.

The album is enjoyable, easy to listen to, with great songwriting, big choruses, and an abundance of rock and roll spirit. Some of my favourite tracks included “At The Radio Station” for its incredibly catchy chorus, and “FL89” for its positive up-beat feel.

This is an album that I can see a wide range of listeners enjoying, and the band have perfected learning from the great musicians of the past whilst exploring the refreshing modernity of the future.

The band’s bassist, Dennis Butabi Borg said: “We’re super excited to release the album”, adding that “it’s by far our most honest release so far.

We’ve gone full circle and landed in the jungle where we came from.” Well, wherever that jungle is, I’m sure many listeners will want to meet you there to experience the party in full swing. However, hoping to tour soon, CRUZH might just be bringing the party to you.

CRUZH’s “The Jungle Revolution” is out now

“The Jungle Revolution” tracklisting:
1. The Jungle Revolution
2. Angel Dust
3. FL89
4. Killing In The Name Of Love
5. SkullCruzher
6. At The Radio Station
7. Split Personality
8. Sold Your Soul
9. From Above
10. Winner
11. Gimme Anarchy


Alex Waghorn – lead vocals
Anton Joensson – guitar, background vocals
Dennis Butabi Borg – bass, background vocals
Johan Öberg – guitar
Matt Silver – drums, background vocals

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