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Bodysnatcher release new single ft. Jamey Jasta ahead of UK tour 

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US deathcore heavyweights Bodysnatcher have released their new single ‘Murder8’, featuring Jamey Jasta, ahead of their UK tour supporting Spite.

Watch the video for ‘Murder8’ below.

Stream ‘Murder8’ here: https://bodysnatcher.ffm.to/murder8

Through the haunting, visceral storytelling in the accompanying official music video, ‘Murder8’ serves as an urgent and poignant reminder of the devastating impact of drug overdose.

Speaking on the inspiration behind today’s release, Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited commented: “‘Murder8’ is a street name for fentanyl. I lost my older brother in 2022 to fentanyl and then I lost my younger sister just one year later in 2023 to fentanyl as well. Opioids have been prescribed at alarming rates since the early 2000’s and have affected millions of families across the world, especially the United States. If you have lost someone due to overdose this song goes out to you.”

Bodysnatcher will perform the following dates with Spite:

Apr 07: London, O2 Academy Islington
Apr 08: Manchester, Rebellion
Apr 09: Glasgow, Slay Glasgow 
Apr 10: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms 
Apr 11: Bristol, The Fleece
Apr 12: Brighton, Club Revenge 

In protest of venues’ merch cuts, Bodysnatcher will sell merch for their London date (7th April) at their takeover at BrewDog Shoreditch, from 12pm. BrewDog will be serving an exclusive beer (BLAST BEATS, a 7+% West Coast IPA) and will take no cut of any merch. 

BrewDog comment: “The metal scene is and always will be my home, so running my own bar means that I want to incorporate my love of rock & metal into it as much as possible. 

“Venue merch cuts really rub me up the wrong way, so I’m more than happy to offer our space to Bodysnatcher. I’m all about craft beer and heavy riffs and the fact Bodysnatcher were playing close by meant I had to reach out and ask the question!

“We are going to have an exclusive beer for the event brewed by fellow metalhead Paul Walker up in our Manchester Micro Brewery, heavy tunes to boot and a great space for fans to come meet the band, hang and have a beer ahead of the show. 

“The endgame is for other acts to catch wind of what we have to offer. So if you’re reading and coming overseas and want to make the most of it, drop us a line, we’ll make something work for sure.”

Bodysnatcher comment: “In the US, bands are expected to purchase their own merchandise, table to display their merch, lights for their table, change in smaller bills, and run their own table for the entirety of the show. 

Then, at the end of the night, the venues request 20-25% of EACH artist’s TOTAL sales to be paid to them in cash, after doing absolutely nothing to accommodate the artist. 

Traveling overseas costs the band a ton. Often over $10,000 one way! And now Europe and the UK are practicing merch cuts in the same manner as the US, it won’t be worth it for a lot of artists to make the journey over!!”

The new single continues Bodysnatcher‘s rise as one of the most exciting new bands in deathcore. Recently they’ve toured across the US, as headliners (with support from AngelmakerPaleface, and Distant), and supporting Lorna Shore and Shadow of Intent.

Purchase Bodysnatcher‘s most recent LP Bleed-Abide here: https://www.bleed-abide.com

Watch Bodysnatcher‘s previously released videos for ‘Wired For Destruction’, ‘Absolved Of The Strings And Stone’, ‘E.D.A.’, and ‘Behind The Crowd’ at the band’s official YouTube page HERE.

An epically unashamed demonstration of aggression, Bodysnatcher‘s music is dark, furious, and threatening. It’s a sound born from the burden of struggle and an unwavering commitment to continued survival against all obstacles.

Bodysnatcher put the ‘core’ back in deathcore. Bleed-Abide, the Florida band’s third album, crackles with rage and power. Unquestionably their darkest offering to date, Bleed-Abide burns with an intensity derived from a further focus on sonic pummeling and truth-telling narratives.

Kyle Medina (vocals), Kyle Carter (guitar), Kyle Shope (bass), and Chris Whited (drums) embody the hardcore spirit and cut their teeth in their tight-knit Florida community, home of death metal and pioneering punk, hardcore, and power-violence bands. Bodysnatcher are monikered after the nickname of one of history’s most notorious serial killers, Ed Gein, and represented by a triangular symbol steeped in alchemy and the occult. But Bodysnatcher lyrics owe more to the horrors of domestic strife than the gore of their Florida-based forebearers in Cannibal Corpse.

The inception point came with the purest of intentions. “I was around seventeen,” Medina explains. “We were just going to be a band that was basically a ‘breakdown band’ for my friends to mosh to.” Eventually stabilisng with a line-up that overlapped at various points with beloved groups like King Conquer and Dealey PlazaBodysnatcher released a quick succession of albums and EPs, most notably Abandonment (2015), Death Of Me (2017), and the utterly crushing This Heavy Void (2020). Combined with a blistering live show, this led to a deal with the MNRK Heavy label.

Bleed-Abide is the darkest offering yet from Bodysnatcher, burning with an intensity derived from a further focus on sonic pummeling and truth-telling narratives. “Even as a pissed-off teenager, the first songs I wrote were about personal experiences and people who did me wrong,”Medina says. “The musicianship is more mature; there are still a lot of breakdowns but done in a much smarter way. It’s definitely still Bodysnatcher. It’s like Bodysnatcher on steroids.”

All of the guys contribute to the lyrics, resulting in multiple points of view and diverse insights anchored by common themes of catharsis and resistance. ‘Absolved Of The Strings And Stone’ is a battle cry against the gaslighting and emotional abuse of toxic people. ‘Hollow Shell’ delves into strained familial dynamics, where some family members live as virtual prisoners to others. ‘Wired For Destruction’ confronts death anxiety. 

It’s about the fear of the unknown, how all of us will move on,” says Medina“Are we just going to return to dust? Are we just forgotten?” Even amidst the uncertainty and darkness, there’s an underlying positivity to be mined within. ‘Value Through Suffering’ takes a proactive stance on hardship, a way to rebuild from the wreckage. Too many bands resist genre classification in an aloof effort to distinguish themselves from every other band, inadvertently consigning themselves to talking points that sound like everyone else. Bodysnatcher is, without apology, a deathcore band.

There is no compromise in the cards. “Deathcore kicks ass. A lot of bands shy away from labels they don’t deem ‘cool’ enough. But we don’t give a f*ck,” Medina says proudly. “We like what we like, and we play what we play. We all love hardcore and metal, so we’re going to play hardcore, play metal, and play breakdowns. And that’s how the band is going to be, forever.”

Kyle Medina – vocals
Kyle Carter – guitar
Kyle Shope – bass
Chris Whited – drums


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