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EP Fear : Ashen Reach – “The Fear”

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Hailing from Liverpool, UK, Ashen Reach are bringing us dynamic and fresh new metal with their latest EP, “The Fear”. With 5 tracks on the EP, each song is unique and bold, with the band’s enthralling musical performances shining throughout.

Ashen Reach are somewhat known for pushing the boundaries of the metal genre, but this EP showcases the beauty of testing limits to create a stimulating experience for the listener.

There is an abundance of strength and boldness in these tracks, and it is clear to see the artistic vision
behind each song.

Beginning with “Ghosts”, this track is an incredible opener to the EP, with bold fiery guitars and sparkling drums. The strings add another layer that makes this song feel very immersive.

Ghosts” is the kind of track where you want to put your headphones on, close your eyes and enjoy, because it’s so engaging and emotive.

The next song “D1v1de” is incredibly dynamic, taking pleasantly unexpected twists and turns throughout. The chorus lyrics, sung by Kyle Martyn Stanley, are powerful and catchy, and the listener is sure to be humming this melody on repeat for days after the first listen.

Continuing on, “Neophobia” brings more fire and passion to this EP, developing the story of this release.
This track brings in completely new components such as crunchy guitar tones and a range of vocal styles from hushed whispers to classic metal screaming.

The Dark” may just be my personal favourite track on the EP, combining a tight performance from the band, with dramatic and emotive lyrics, sung from a place of total passion.

You can hear the energy and spirit that went into this song, which makes it so invigorating for the

Finally, “Lost” closes the EP, and what a wonderful ending it is. True to its namesake, this song invokes feelings of floating adrift in a wanderlust haze.

The ambient sounds at the beginning and end of this song really set the scene, and make this track feel somewhat cinematic and spatial.

My closing thoughts on this EP are overwhelmingly positive. It is clear throughout that an awful lot of art, passion and devotion went into this EP to make it so strong.

Furthermore, the tracks are mixed perfectly, with balance and consideration, which adds to the impressive performances from each of the band members.

Ashen Reach are sure to be busy this summer. With festival appearances and tour dates being released almost daily, be sure to keep an eye on this band and grab some tickets if you can.

The Fear’ EP track listing: 1) Ghosts. 2) D1v1de, 3) Neophobia, 4) The Dark, 5) Lost.


Ashen Reach’s latest EP “The Fear” is releasing on March 22nd, 2024

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