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Finnish rock/metal band BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE Is Revealing Their New Single “Russian Roulette”

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Breaking through the veil of silence with a blast, Black Light Discipline (BLD) unleashes their latest banger, “Russian Roulette”.

Diving into the heart of music archives, BLD brings a new vibe to Rihanna’s iconic pop/R&B anthem from 2009, infusing it with their signature intensity and raw energy. Written originally by Chuck Harmony and Ne-Yo, this cover promises a bold reinterpretation.

Toni Valha, the singer of BLD, reveals the genesis of this daring project: “The notion of tackling ‘Russian Roulette’ had lingered in my mind a couple of years, because of its beautiful chord progression and vocal lines which seemed like a prefect fit for BLD. I shared the idea with Janne (Kankkunen) last year and after the first demos it truly took flight. From that moment on, the band’s passion ignited, driving us to craft it as a full release.”

This electrifying rendition, featuring the growling vocals of BRHG’s Jaredi Koukonen, captivates listeners with its unrelenting fervor. Available across major streaming platforms on its release day, “Russian Roulette” promises an adrenaline-fueled journey through sound and emotion.

BLD’s penchant for reimagining hits is no secret, with their rendition of Alan Walker’s “Faded” amassing over 4.6 million streams on Spotify alone. Not forgetting BLD’s extensive catalogue of original music, including, for example: Serene, Not the Way, On Fire, Walls Inside Us. Now, they set their sights on redefining musical boundaries once more.

Black Light Discipline is a metal/rock band with three albums, 13 singles and four official music videos among their earlier releases. Known for their catchy melodies and captivating music videos, BLD continues to push the boundaries of the musical experiments. 

BLD is currently working on new material to be released later this year.

BLD has become known for their signature sound (raw, fleshy and atmospheric), which combines catchy synth melodies with straightforward rock/metal music and melodic vocals. Also band’s live shows have gained good feedback for their energy and captivating sound.

BLD has so far played in Finland, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Germany and Croatia. In terms of touring, BLD has done a tour in Spain with the Spanish band Killus and in Finland with the Swedish band PAIN. In previous years, the band has collaborated with MC Raaka Pee (Turmion Kätilöt), Jesse Jokela, Miikka Tikka, Antti Karppinen, Karoliina Kallio and Harri Andersson (DJ Proteus) just to mention few.

Black Light Discipline:

Toni Valha (vocals)
Janne Kankkunen (keys)
Veikka Jokela (drums)
Joonas Pulkkinen (guitar)
Jani Rissanen (bass)

Listen to it on Spotify here:  

Listen to it on YouTube here:




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(Also available on all other streaming platforms)


Black Light Discipline – YouTube Channel  




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