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GIG REVIEW: Static X & Sevendust Bring the Machine Killer Tour to The Sylvee in Madison, WI

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Review & Photos by Greg Hamil for MPM

Static X & Sevendust brought their co-headlining Machine Killers tour to The Sylvee in Madison WI. The show had been sold out for well over a week and the line outside was more than an indication of how much people were anticipating this one! Everyone wanted a spot up front or as close to the stage as possible. In support for this show were Lines of Loyalty and Wisconsin favorites Dope.

As Lines of Loyalty took the stage, the venue was still buzzing with anticipation for the co-headliners, Static-X and Sevendust. Despite being the opening act, Lines of Loyalty delivered a set that left a lasting impression on the early-arriving crowd.

The band wasted no time, diving headfirst into their energetic brand of rock. Their tight musicianship and raw energy were evident from the first note, captivating the audience and setting the mood for the night. While their set was short, it was impactful. They showcased their musical prowess with impressive guitar work and a driving rhythm section, all anchored by the powerful vocals of the frontman.

Although the crowd wasn’t at full capacity yet, a dedicated group of local fans were right up front, singing along and moshing with enthusiasm. Lines of Loyalty fed off this energy, delivering a performance that felt both intimate and electrifying.

It’s clear that Lines of Loyalty used their time wisely, leaving the audience wanting more. They proved themselves to be a talented and exciting band, one that deserves to be seen on a bigger stage.

Lines of Loyalty Setlist: Hurts to be Human – Blackout – My Addiction – With or Without You – Because of You – Murdered Memories – I’m Not the One

Next up was Dope who brought the heat to the stage. The band has been a Wisconsin, and more specifically Madison favorite for many years. They have played many festivals and local venues.

Taking the stage amidst a sea of mosh pits and fist-pumping, Dope launched into their set with “Blood Money,” immediately establishing their signature aggressive sound. Edsel Dope, the band’s frontman, commanded the stage with his iconic dreadlocks and electrifying stage presence, effortlessly transitioning between rapping and belting out powerful vocals.

The band delivered a potent mix of fan favorites and newer tracks, including the iconic “Die MF Die” and the crowd-pleasing “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” Edsel’s interaction with the audience was a highlight, acknowledging longtime fans and creating a sense of camaraderie within the venue.

The setlist, while not overly long, was perfectly curated to deliver a high-octane experience. Each song seamlessly flowed into the next, maintaining the momentum and keeping the energy levels high throughout the performance. The band’s tight musicianship and Edsel’s captivating stage presence left the audience wanting more.

Dope’s performance at The Sylvee was a testament to their enduring legacy and ability to deliver a powerful live show. They proved that even after decades in the scene, they can still ignite a crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Dope Setlist: Blood Money – Bring It On – Bitch – Debonaire – Die MF Die/I’m Back/Sick/Burn – You Spin me Round (Like a Record)

As Sevendust took the stage, the energy was electric from the moment the band emerged, shrouded in a cloud of fog, launching into the powerful “I Might Let the Devil Win.”

Lajon Witherspoon, Sevendust’s charismatic frontman, commanded the stage with his powerful and nuanced vocals. He effortlessly transitioned between aggressive growls and soulful melodies, perfectly complementing the band’s dynamic music. The rest of the band was equally impressive, with Clint Lowery and John Connolly weaving intricate guitar lines, while Morgan Rose’s thunderous drumming laid down a solid foundation.

The setlist was a potent mix of fan favorites and newer tracks. Classics like “Enemy,” “Splinter,” and “Black” ignited mosh pits and singalongs throughout the venue, proving their enduring appeal. Newer songs like “Truth Killer” and “Till Death” showcased the band’s evolution, retaining their signature sound while exploring fresh sonic territories.

The Sylvee provided the perfect atmosphere for this high-octane performance. The crowd, a passionate mix of longtime fans and newcomers, responded with unbridled enthusiasm, creating a sense of shared energy that resonated throughout the night.

Lajon Witherspoon’s captivating vocal performance and the band’s tight musicianship and energetic stage presence; combined with a creative setlist that included both classic and newer songs, kept the crowd enthusiastic and engaged the entire night.

Sevendust’s performance was a masterclass in rock musicianship and audience engagement. They delivered a powerful setlist, showcasing their musical prowess and emotional depth. Sevendust delivered an unforgettable performance at The Sylvee, proving that they remain a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene.

Sevendust Setlist: I Might Let The Devil Win – Truth Killer – Alpha – Till Death – Pieces – Hero – Denial – Black – Enemy – Splinter – Everything – Bitch – Face to Face

The crowd pulsated with industrial energy as Static-X stormed the stage. While the tragic absence of frontman Wayne Static loomed large, the original members – Tony Campos, Ken Jay, and Koichi Fukada – along with new vocalist Xer0, delivered a powerful and emotional tribute to the band’s legacy.

Xer0, adorned with a sleek, glowing mask echoing Wayne Static’s signature style, commanded the stage with confident vocals. His performance wasn’t an imitation; he brought his own unique growl and stage presence to the music, honoring the past while forging his own path.

The setlist was a potent mix of fan favorites and newer tracks from their 2020 album, “Project: Regeneration Vol. 1.” Songs like “Hollow” and “Terminator Oscillator” ignited the mosh pit, while deeper cuts like “Love Dump” and “Sweat of the Bud” unleashed waves of nostalgia.

The stage production was simple yet effective, with strobes, flashing lights, and metallic accents creating an industrial atmosphere. While the show lacked the elaborate theatrics of past tours, the raw energy and musicianship were undeniable.

A particularly touching moment arrived with “Cold,” a song dedicated to Wayne Static. The entire venue fell silent as the band poured their hearts into the performance, a testament to the enduring bond between the musicians and their fans.

Static-X’s Madison show wasn’t just a concert; it was a celebration of a band’s legacy and a testament to the power of music to transcend loss. The evening left fans headbanging and emotional, eager to see what the future holds for this revitalized industrial force.

Static X Setlist: Hollow – Terminator Oscillator – Love Dump – Sweat of the Bud – Wisconsin Death Trip – Fix – Bled for Days – Black and White – This is Not – Z0mbie – Get to the Gone – I Am – Destroy All – Cold – I’m With Stupid – Push It

As the house lights came up at the end of the show. A drained, but satisfied crowd filed out into the cold night. Whether there to see just one band or all, no one left disappointed. It was a great night that one could only hope comes around again very soon!

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