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NONEXISTER release debut album Demons; share video for new song Storm

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NONEXISTER release their debut album, ‘Demons today. To mark the occasion, the Zurich based quintet have unveiled the video for their new single, Storm, a song which encompasses everything that defines NONEXISTER‘s music: it’s dark, intense, and a little dystopian, featuring an infectious guitar riff and plenty of electronic noise.

Storm highlights the rising global threat of right-wing extremism.

Singer Nik Leuthold elaborates, “What’s happening right now sometimes feels like a global re-run of 1930s Europe. It’s frightening. However, in my lyrics, I’m always interested in the bigger picture – in this case extremism and sectarianism in general. It’s too easy to simply blame it on frustration; convenient lies, victimhood and self-righteousness are attractive to many people. But I’m sure most of them would be scared to death if it actually came to the point they are currently shouting about.”

On its creation, co-songwriter and producer, Marco Neeser comments, “In production, I first created a noisy industrial atmosphere to set the mood for the song, and then I let this emblematic riff hit, which drives the song.”

Since their first single, ‘Your Pain Up My Veins, the band has consistently released captivating, cinematic videos, winning numerous awards including the California Music Video & Film Award, the Global Music Award and the Europe Music Award, among others.

Their latest offering is just as compelling as its predecessors: you can watch Storm here.

Leuthold says of the video: “I really wanted to make this video with Dave Bullivant after seeing how nuanced and multi-layered he can be with a given theme on ‘How Do You Dare’. When it comes to right-wing extremism, it can very quickly become trite or cliché, but once again he has managed to convey the song’s subject matter in a very subtle way. Yet he has illustrated the underlying threat so powerfully with his stark black and white images, which sometimes remind me of the movie Sin City. I think Dave has once again created an extraordinary work of art.”

Director Dave Bullivant adds, “This track speaks so eloquently on the dangers of rising extremism in its various guises and how easily people can be drawn into a situation that they may later regret. The lure of community, power and acceptance can so often override one’s sense of morality. I wanted to abstract this idea and portray the inner conflict of two friends encountering a roaring mob.

We shot using a pretty unique camera, there are only two of this model that have been modified to only shoot black and white. We then took this unique camera and did something no one has ever done before, and shot the final scene using only UltraViolet light. The resulting image is truly unique and quite beautiful.

After six singles, the band is proud to present their work in its entirety. Demons is a collection of the first creative phase as NONEXISTER, the essence of all that inspired them from the beginning. The band is beyond excited that this twisted, gnarly beauty is finally going out into the world.

Leuthold enthuses, “I’m over the moon that our debut album ‘Demons’ is finally out. It’s been a long journey and I’m very proud of the result. Working with Marco has been a great stroke of luck, taking us both into worlds we wouldn’t have gotten to on our own. And so many great people have helped shape the final product, tweaking every detail so that this baby is now a true beauty.”

Neeser continues, “We are happy to finally release of our debut album ‘Demons’. We have been working on it for several years and are proud of the result. It’s dark, disturbing, dynamic, full of contrasts, and deeply emotional.”

Demons is released via the band’s own label, with distribution via The Orchard, digitally, on CD and on transparent vinyl (which includes a bonus track). It is available for purchase here.


Your Pain Up My Veins”
Drowning In The Void”
How Do You Dare”
A Promise In The Air”
Where Does Your Mind Go”
Head In A Hole”
What A Lie”
Flying With The Crows”

The first album I bought was Computer World by Kraftwerk, and the second was No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith by Motörhead – which pretty much describes where I come from,” laughs Marco “For me, creating music is about creating atmospheres. I like to conjure soundscapes. I try to bring beauty into noise. Nik has a different approach. He’s a songwriter, and he aims to tell stories. The lyrics are very important – and he’s an amazing singer. So, it’s a thrilling match.”

NONEXISTER thrive on the interplay of electronic energy and hard catharsis. Co-founders Marco and Nik drew on dynamic and distinct backgrounds at the onset of the project. Marco, the electronic maverick, honed his creativity and stage presence in the likes of SwandiveDivision Kent, me.man.machine., and Glitter Wasteland, gracing the stages of major festivals and cities across Europe. Meanwhile, Nik powered the punk upstarts Catchpole, and he voices one of the robots of the ground-breaking robot band Compressorhead, for which John Wright, frontman of the Hanson Brothers and drummer for the legendary No Means No, writes the music and is the voice of the robot singer. Simultaneously, Nik has entrenched himself in Switzerland’s dynamic subculture scene including the legendary Wohlgroth and fostering the launch of initiatives such as independent cultural and political force Radio Stadtfilter.

As if they were soundtracking an after-hours club in the middle of nowhere, NONEXISTER swings like a pendulum between moments of industrial ecstasy and mosh pit-ready outbursts.

NONEXISTER are Marco Neeser [electronics, songwriting, production], Nik Leuthold [vocals, songwriting, production], Reto “Fu” Gaffuri [bass], Siro Müller [drums, backing vocals], and Silvan Gerhard [guitar, backing vocals].




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