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Album Review: Blaze Bayley – “Circle Of Stone”

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Review by Emma Brown for MPM

Blaze Bayley’s latest album “Circle Of Stone” could be the soundtrack to the next superhero movie. Fast paced guitars and classic metal vocals fill these 12 vibrant tracks with power and energy, and make this a fun and dynamic album.

The ex-Iron Maiden member has certainly not disappointed fans with his striking new music, and has been touring from early this year to celebrate the release.

The first few songs really encapsulate what this album is about. With 80’s metal and rock influences and some 70’s flare and style, this album is theatrical and lively.

Track 4 in particular is one of my favourites on the album, with a bold chorus and a great melody. Powerful vocals really stand out throughout this track, making a big impact.

Track 6 “The Broken Man” stands strong in the middle of the album, showing us the range that Blaze Bayley has, with a more emotional tone which is a contrast to many of the other songs on
the album.

Speaking of contrast, track 7, “The Call Of The Ancestors” features bagpipes that are supported on a bed of heavy guitars and classic metal style, adding more diversity to the album and bringing the listener something new.

The latter half of the album features another round of shredding guitars and spirited choruses. The final two songs on the album bring this record to a really nice close.

Track 11, “The Path Of The Righteous Man” is another one of my favourites, as the way all the components in this song come together is really engaging and exciting, with a great chorus to match the high-energy of this track.

Finally, track 12, “Until We Meet Again” rounds the album off on a more relaxed note, drawing the album to an emotive close.

Although I enjoyed this album, there are some areas where I wished Blaze Bayley would have taken things one step further. For example, in emotional songs, having the vocals be a soft whisper that then grows to a mighty roar in the choruses, would really play with the dynamics to create more feeling.

I also wished that the drums were brought a little bit forward in the mix, as the drumming is incredible, but sometimes gets overshadowed by the guitars.

Overall I think “Circle Of Stone” is an album that Blaze Bayley’s fans will really enjoy, and there
are a lot of fantastic elements here if you are a lover of classic metal.

Blaze Bayley’s Latest Album“Circle Of Stone” is out now.

Blaze & the band are touring Europewide, weaving between Circle of Stone tour dates & 30th Anniversary shows – celebrating 30 years since he joined Iron Maiden.

For more info please refer to www.blazebayley.net

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