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Gig Review : “Breed 77, The Underworld Camden”

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Review & Photography by Sheri Bicheno for MPM

For 10 years, we’ve been waiting eagerly for a sign that Gibraltarian metal leviathan Breed 77 will awaken from their slumber after the 2013 release of The Evil Inside.

Now they’ve awoken fuelled with energy and bring with them, a unity from the past with an evolved offering for both older and new followers.

“Friends, not fans.”

Their first tour in around a decade, tonight closed off the selection of dates that had the monumental guys in Seething Akira in tow, at one of Breed 77’s known grounds in Camden, London.

The Underworld on a Wednesday night was packed full and kicked off with a set by Niro Knox.

I managed to catch the last of Niro Knox upon entering the venue.

With likeness that reminds me of Myles Kennedy, Niro Knox takes on a captivating rock fusion with his stunning vocals and classic styles of what every great rock artist of older times incorporate.

The riffs and shreds bring back nostalgic vibes of 80’s/90’s classic rock moments blended with a catchy modern twist. 

Touching upon subjects such as mental health, the air here is filled with genuinity and heartstopping energy. 

What i did catch was simply breathtaking and I’m soon going to be on the lookout for another of Niro’s shows.

Next is the loveable party infused guys that have been storming the UK – with stage energy comes Seething Akira that blends the dimensions of metal with hip hop and hardcore – esque rave metal. 

Not to be put in a box.

Seething Akira hold down the meaning of infectious energy. These guys are wonderful people and are the height of fun, displaying good natured banter and a contrast of positive and powerful animation on stage.

Punishment Instructions sets the mood with an intro of electronica explosions and rap vocals. 

Both Charlie and Kit explode their sonic assualt across the crowd with urban rap interludes bouncing off each other. The clean singing places here brings a shimmering mood to the colourful set.

One of my favourites Something In The Water showcases some brutal hardcore vocals and the more metal infused side to Seething Akira’s electronic moods that backs up the absolutely killer low ebbed bass fusions from Richard.

Here, riff masters Simon and John work so well together where the melodic and frenzied strings create the pace of the track, particularly with some exceptional beatdowns behind Stu’s kit. 

This mash up of cybernetic musicianship with some stunning guitar solos hit hard and has the whole of The Underworld bouncing.

Metaphors is another absolutely absorbing track in its live setting. With a kick off of fun infused synths and beats that inject a hip hop party tone into some brutal riff sections, the guys bounce across the stage and without a doubt has made some new fans of some unsuspecting Underworld goers.

I absolutely adore Seething Akira and have done for many years. 

The choice to have these guys supporting the comeback for Breed 77 was a fantastic move. The contrast they brought gave something to everyone and the energy was jawdropping as ever.

The finale of the tour saw Breed 77 enter the stage and welcomed back to London with warmth and love emitted from the crowd.

A plethora of faces unifying all over again and by the Gods, it was amazing to be standing here almost 20 years later witnessing these guys unleash their unique energy from the very first track in their set.

Going right back to the Cultura era, Individuo kicked off the energy. This was one hell of an intro track. 

Bringing nostalgia and raw energy straight off the bat to get things heated up, the familiar riffs and harmonies frantically created by Pedro and Danny filled the air.

The Spanish influence is strong here with the tone set to flamenco style pace infused with heavy riffs and encapsulating beats behind the kit.

Adam is Breed 77’s new drummer and has absolutely fit to the band seamlessly.  He brings a sharp edge and delivers the ever changing tempos perfectly.

The Battle of Hatin is a welcome part of the set – this again brings back a peak of Breed 77 on their Insects album that displays a harsher style and political stances. I have played this song over the years to death and I never got tired of seeing it in its live setting.

Tonight the energy for this track was incredible. Paul’s vocals range between stunning clean singing to harsher raw growls with the intensity of his roars laced throughout.

When the melodics kick in a little into the second half of the song is right where that cathartic mood sets in. 

A Matter of Time made its way onto the setlist and honestly, I’ve said it before but it’s as if these guys never left. The whole room reverberating the energy and lyrics back to the guys on the stage for this track was insane. This is one of my favourites of the classic Breed songs. This has so much heartfelt moods in it even though its laced heavily with frantic riffs and stunning melodies.

Stuart’s bass takes center half way through with a beautiful moment of calm before melting with the riffs and Paul’s stunning vocal harmonising.

With classics of furious energy such as Worlds On Fire and Blind, we were taken through a total sonic assault of facemelting levels. Paul’s roars along with the evil riffs during Blind had the place positively trembling.

With the introduction for two new killer songs for their comeback – End of the Line and Outside these showcased a newer and evolved Breed 77. 

Outside displayed some gorgeously chuggy bassnotes from Stuart and gave us a look into the modern steps these guys are taking.

With a message of being your own person and encouraging the acceptance of not fitting into today’s society, we’re taken into a riff heavy track with switches of cathartic moods and showcasing Adams style of beats. 

I love this track and it hits home massively.

During End of the Line, ex drummer Ozzy joined as a percussionist and gave this track some flamenco infused beats. Amazing touch!!!

With the stunning ballad of The River, Paul asks for help singing and Camden did not dissapoint.

The place filled with the total love, desire and passion this track seeps out and its energy was mirrored back to the stage.

This one always makes me shed a tear and with some of the best company with me from back in those days, it was one of the most emotionally raw performances of the year so far.


The next track is one that unites so many Breed 77 followers. Their rendition of The Cranberries Zombie has been one of their most popular tracks throughout the years and this comes hand in hand with the message of the way of today’s society and the state its been led to. This track is one of unity amongst Breed 77 friends and followers, the energy is raw and seeing it once again in its live setting is so moving.

Insects was the first Encore – Paul hangs off the rafters of the stage amongst the crowd and gives every ounce of vocal energy amongst the jawdropping melodics and heavy slabs of riffs of the guitars and bass.

This was an experience and I got totally sucked into the moment. The contrast of heaviness and totally insane amounts of energy was totally special.

Ending with La Ultima Hora got the crowd involved and pitting to the rhythms. Paul‘s vocals launched into a fusion of energy and surreal moods amongst the stunning musicianship amongst the strings and beats.

Nostalgia meets something new and this was pure magic.

Thus was whole sentimental to me for so many reasons.

I cannot wait to see what more these guys have in store for the year. 

Breed 77 are back!! 

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